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Discover the new version of Mazeberry: the V4.0

The 4th version of the Mazeberry Solution helps web advertisers take accurate decisions, and this on all their marketing projects. Whether online or omni-channel, the new version of our Solution includes new Offline marketing channels such as the visits on the physical retail, the SMS, the incoming and outgoing calls, paper mails, and many other possible actions. Designed around the Mz Decision funnel architecture, the Solution was re-thought in order to deliver the information following a hierarchical reading of the Key Performance Indicators.

Benefits of the V4.0:

  • Creation of a decisional funnel
  • New DMP and CRM connectors aggregating Online and Offline data
  • Omni-channel marketing performance Dashboard

What is the Version 4.0?:

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a V4.0 demo

Marie, Customer Success Manager

“This new version is no longer exclusively available for traffic and acquisition managers, it’s now a Solution for all.”

Romain, Associate and Sales Director

“With a market more and more mature regarding topics about marketing attribution and contribution, we wanted to be once more a step ahead regarding mix marketing analysis.”

Timothée, Chief Technology Officer

“We were really careful while making the Solution architecture in order to create a real decision funnel, which can be seen as a pillar for this version but also one for the many more to come.”

Thibaut, Founder and CEO

“Mazeberry V4.0 is the Holy Grail of the marketing director of a DDC (Data Driven Company). For 5 years, we mainly focused on e-marketing channels analysis, but today we can analyse Online and Offline flows too.”


The Mazeberry Solution operates a unique methodology of marketing performance analysis. Made of several operational statistical operators, this methodology answers all the questions a Marketing team can have. The Solution’s users can also use advanced and customized attribution rules. These functionalities allow the users to take into consideration the Internet users’ cross-channels journey.


Mazeberry Solution performance indicators are impartial and provide the users a 360° view of their marketing campaigns.


Going beyond the last click attribution model, the Mazeberry Solution allows you to use several customized attribution rules.


Contribution indicators allow you to identify the true role played by your acquisition channels, their strengths and weaknesses.

Costs import

The importation of costs data has never been so simple. With the Mazeberry Solution, you can import the data and fees of each of your service providers, for each channel.


Often, data analysis can be really time-consuming and not always precise enough to provide clear results. Therefore, we developed a statistical algorithm that automatically reprocesses your data in order to give you the most important results, through the use of concise dashboards. This technology allows you to spend less time going through your data and more time taking accurate decisions. With the Mazeberry Solution, you can access and use the full potential of your data.


The Mazeberry Solution algorithm processes and analyses all your data. It will provide you notifications when identifying important results.


Using our technology will allow you to go beyond the conventional indicators and never miss important information again.

Time saving

Save valuable time by letting MZ Insight analyse the data for you!


The algorithm can customize its recommendations and advice depending on your past data and your marketing goals.


In order to be fully exploited, the data need to be properly formatted. That is why data restitution is key for us. Mazeberry interface is refined and ergonomic in order to be easily used by all the partners and associates. With the Mazeberry Solution, you will be able to share all or part of an analysis to your different correspondents. These functionalities are easy to use and really intuitive, and will give you total control over the sharing of your results.


Create, customize and share e-marketing dashboards easily. Mazeberry even gives you an infographic of your marketing channels.

Sharing experience

Share some or all your analyses in one click. This will prevent you from creating multiple versions of your analyses.


Increase your efficiency! Sort and organize your analyses according to your preferences: by country, by year, by goal, etc.


We have optimized our solution so it can give you exceptional processing times. Create a complete analysis of the true performance of your acquisition channels in a few minutes only.

No tracking code installation needed!

As a Web advertiser, you have a large amount of data coming from your Web Analytics solution, your CRM, or your Ad Servers. That’s why the Mazeberry Solution doesn’t collect any data!
While the big majority of the existing tools in the market collect more and more data, Mazeberry offers to exploit the full potential of your data. In order to do so, we have developed strong technological partnerships and connections with most of the market’s data collector solutions (Google Analytics, AT Internet, Eulerian Technologies, etc.).

  • Many plugins (Web Analytics, CRM, etc.)
  • No impact on your website performance
  • Retroactive data

Our main plugins:

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Customized setting

Each customer has customized settings and dedicated training.
We accompany all our clients through the implementation of the Mazeberry Solution with a dedicated employee. This provides you with a fully tailored Solution, allowing you to exploit all its possibilities.

The key steps during the Mazeberry Solution activation are:

  • Your customized interface settings
  • Theoretical training
  • Practical and operational training
Our certified partners

Many Mazeberry Solution certified consultants and agencies remain at your disposal to assist you in the performance optimization of your e-marketing projects. Each certified partner has received an intensive training regarding our Solution and methodology. In order to guarantee you an optimal service quality, each certified partner successfully passed a comprehensive certification test.

Our partners can assist you on the following issues:

  • Improve your collected data reliability
  • Interpret your performance results
  • Optimize your marketing channel performance

Our certified partners:

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