Our solutions

Adopt a data driven strategy to manage your product mix and your marketing mix

Put your clients at the core of your strategy

Mazeberry Attribution

Analyze your marketing mix to improve your traffic, your acquisition costs and your marketing spend.

Mazeberry Merchandising

Take control of your product mix to establish an effective action plan to improve your performance.

Our philosophy

No implementation

No IT project

To get your first insights

To get your first insights Average kick off time + Setup + Training

Past data

Analyze past data to better plan ahead

Time to Market

Constant update of the platform

Mazeberry is a simple-to-use decision support tool based on several data collection tools, it enables us to merge all our information through efficient KPIs. Thanks to Mazeberry's proprietary KPIs we improve our profitability.


You can trust us

Always listening to our clients' feedbacks we work daily to help you succeed!


Our team of consultants guides you all along the setup of Mazeberry and answers all your questions. Some of the largest brands already trust us!


To ensure data protection, we guarantee the most advanced safety measures, in line with current legislations.


All data is saved and handled in accordance with European laws. All data is hosted in France to ensure the highest level of service.


🔓GDPR 100% Full Compliance

Is your company GDPR compliant? If you happen to process personal data located in the European Union, GDPR compliance is compulsory starting in Mai 2018.

Mazeberry is 100% GDPR compliant!

Data & Privacy Protection has always been Mazeberry's core values. You can count on our support to make you GDPR compliant.

We meet all your needs!

We meet the needs of our clients through a smart data approach.