Mazeberry Merchandising

Push the right product to the right person at the right time

Make sense of your product data
with Mazeberry Merchandising


Measure and optimize the performance of your activity by easily browsing through your existing data.


Easily delve into your product data thanks to the Agile framework that enables much-needed flexibility and adaptability.


Improve your performance by automating internal processes, and take control of your product mix.

We meet all your needs!

We meet the needs of our clients through a smart data approach.

They trust us!

Use your customer data and quickly identify your best-performing channels to increase conversions, just like Blancheporte has been doing!

Master all your product data and gain in visibility about the performance and profitability of your product mix, just like Motoblouz has been doing!

Leave the last-click attribution model and get a fuller view of your marketing mix to lower your acquisition costs, just like Jennyfer has been doing!

Generate qualified traffic and improve your visibility over your customer journey, just like our client La Maison du Whisky has been doing!

Analyze & highlight

With Mazeberry Merchandising master the analysis of your KPIs, easily browse through your data to design spot-on optimizations.

Spot anomalies to increase your ROI

Mazeberry Merchandising enables you to enforce productive work patterns thanks to recommendations based upon your product mix. Spot anomalies and business opportunities, and take actions!

Mazeberry Merchandising enables us to easily and quickly identify our best-performing items, brands, and categories. Time gains are massive when designing the best possible endcap.

Teddy Krzastel, Motoblouz eMerchandising Manager

Optimize your ranking for an optimal customer experience

Customize the ranking of your product mix according to your strategies to boost your largest point of sales: page lists..

Sell more and better

Optimize your performance through Mazeberry Merchandising's cross-selling feature. Simplicity, transparency, and autonomy are our key words.

We meet all your needs!

We meet the needs of our clients through a smart data approach.