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BUT Success Story

Discover the latest tips from a marketing attribution expert to ensure that your e-commerce platform is ready for the sales season!


Video: Cyrillus Omnichannel Strategy

Mazeberry & Commanders Act unite to share with you the issues a stake and the benefits of an omnichannel strategy, thanks to the testimony of their trusted, i.e. Cyrillus.

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Case study: Damart’s Marketing spend down by 35% in just a year!

Discover how Damart has optimized the ROI of its marketing actions thanks to greater knowledge about its customer journey as provided by the Mazeberry Solution.

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a look back at 2016

Infographics: a look back at 2016

Because infographics speak louder than words, we unveil our latest one that recounts 2016’s achievements.


Benchmark: Customer Journey Trends

Download our benchmark (Q4 2015) about customer journey trends and get key information based on 2,500,000 analyzed conversions.

Success story vivarte

Success Story Vivarte

Vivarte now measures the actual performance and the role of each channel customers go through within their customer journeys.

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[Artwork] What are SEM, SEO, SEA and SMO?

Discover how it can help your business with this artwork!

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Why Launch an Attribution & Contribution project?

White Paper: Why Launch an Attribution & Contribution project? 5 arguments to convince my boss!

Discover 5 arguments to debunk your boss’ objections regarding the implementation of an Attribution & Contribution project.

Fashion Retailer cut its Acquisition Costs by 30%

Case Study: How a Fashion Retailer cut its Acquisition Costs by 30%!

Discover how Mazeberry has helped Jennyfer understand the role of each of its marketing channel, which has enabled a 30% cut in Acquisition Costs.

Case Study LMDW by Mazeberry

Case study: LMDW’s qualified traffic up by 33%!

Discover how LMDW has improved the ROI of its online marketing investments without impacting its growth thanks to Mazeberry’s attribution and contribution KPIs.

Humanis multiplied by 2 the converstion rate

Case Study: How Humanis has multiplied by 2 the conversion rate of a prospect into a customer!

Discover here how the Mazeberry Solution has enabled Humanis to identify breakdown points within the conversions journey.


7 best practices for data-driven companies

Discover the best practices of data-driven companies in this white paper. Data analysis is this year’s hot topic and is a trend to keep an eye on!


Increase conversion rates by adopting a data-driven strategy

Building on the insight and knowledge accumulated by Mazeberry and AB Tasty, we are proud to share with you best practices, from acquisition to on-site experience!
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Case Study: Corsair went past the last click model

Discover how the Mazeberry solution helped Corsair go further in their analysis by providing attribution and contribution indicators.

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White Paper: Corsair optimizes its conversion journeys

All along its data-driven journey Corsair has been improving its conversion journeys thanks to the Mazeberry Solution.

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Case Study: has reduced its CAC by 15%

Allobebe has saved 15% of its Web-marketing budget in a few months using the Mazeberry Solution.

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