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Whether you are an agency or a consultant, our Business Partner Program is dedicated to you. Join our network of distributors and grow your business thanks to our various kind of partnerships.

Why become a certified partner?

Become an attribution & contribution expert

Thanks to advanced training and the Mazeberry certification.

Take control of your marketing mix

Give strength to your budgetary allocation and legitimize channels that are not favorably highlighted by the Last Click model.

Manage the entire marketing strategy of your clients

Guide your clients regarding the management of their marketing spend by enforcing a data-driven strategy.

Our certified partners

Building a close partnership and being actual Mazeberry experts quickly became an evidence for 3 reasons: the solution’s reliability, its ease of installation, and its objectivity. Thanks to this solution, Darwin guides its clients regarding the management of their marketing spend in a data-driven manner and helps them optimize the marketing mix of their acquisition channels. Alexandra Ivacheff, Head of Communication & Marketing


You have a thorough understanding of the Solutions and Mazeberry is part of your offer. Join us!


After having gone through thorough training you manage the marketing strategy of your clients with Mazeberry.


You have been in charge of many customer projects and have become a true Mazeberry expert!

The steps towards our partnership

2-part training: theoretical & practical

Exam to validate your knowledge

Dedicated certified partner tool-kit

Towards your first client

Business development and joint marketing events

The Mazeberry certification

Thanks to the Mazeberry Certification, agencies and consultants get their expertise duly recognized. The goal of the training sessions is to further develop your ability to analyze the ROI of various marketing channels and to guide your clients regarding any issues related to the attribution of conversions. As a certified partner, you will be able to:

    • → Master the Mazeberry Analytical Framework
    • → Handle the Solution on your own
    • → Train any future clients
    • → Guide your clients.
Agencies nowadays play a key role for advertisers. Working with agencies encompasses working with experienced professionals, who also greatly take part in our solution improvement process. Damien Ousaci, Alliance Manager

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