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Marketing Contribution: Optimize your acquisition costs!

Presentation-mazeberry-Responsive-design-capture-ecranAre you managing a marketing budget and investing on several acquisition channels (search, email, display, offline…)?

The Mazeberry Solution helps you to better allocate your investments based on their true contribution.


Who are we?

Mazeberry is the contribution analysis European leader in  with almost 200 web-clients (Sarenza, Boursorama Bank, ENGIE, Corsair, etc.). Our team is located at the heart of Europe. The Mazeberry Solution is developed by our technical team, thanks to the input of digital marketing experts.

Why should you use the Mazeberry Solution?

Our Solution can bring you, among many others, the following features:

  • An analysis of your marketing channels as well as your campaigns true contribution
  • Data-driven attribution rules in order to measure your ROI
  • View of marketing trends, and performance records
  • Smart recommendations and notifications for best results

What are the questions answered by our platform?

Thanks to the Mazeberry Solution, you will be able to answer, among other questions:

  • Do my marketing campaigns indirectly contribute to my sales?
  • What would be my marketing channels ROI if I use another attribution model?
  • What traffic sources bring me the most new customers?

What tracking tool would I have to set-up?

None! The Mazeberry Solution is a Plug-and-Play and connects itself directly to your data collection solution:

  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics, AT Internet, Eulerian, etc.)
  • CRM
  • AdServer
  • Others (on request)

Who is the solution for?

The Mazeberry Solution is primarily intended for marketing digital professionals:

  • CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers
  • Trafic Managers, Acquisition Web Managers
  • Web Analysts, Data Scientists, etc.

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