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New Jewel of the French Tech, Mazeberry is on the hunt for talents. Join the team!

Our values

Lauréat pass FrenchTechNew jewel of the French Tech, Mazeberry provides a work environment where everyone can express their gifts and talents. Created in 2011, Mazeberry is an international company currently experiencing exponential growth, yet it keeps the dynamic start-up vibe of its beginnings.
Mazeberry provides marketers and advertisers with Marketing Attribution and Merchandising Solution. The award-winning solution aims at maximizing the ROI of eCommerce businesses through the optimization of their marketing spend. Mazeberry went through 2 funding rounds and raised more than £1,000,000. Mazeberry is part of the Btwinz SaaS Ventures program, which provides a nurturing environment to the SaaS industry.

They already trust us!

rue du commerce

A_MAZ_ING place to work at!

At Mazeberry's we hear the bell ring every single time the commercial team gets a new client in. At noon, we all get to play table tennis, when we are not all seated around a burger from the local food truck. We get to be serious too, but we never take ourselves too seriously!


3 seasons of our culinary contest… Each season calls for a new theme! Mary Berry better watch out!


Relax and connect with your coworkers around a game of table tennis or table football!


We organize a series of events on a regular basis: BBQ, birthday parties… We are always ready for a good time.

Why join us?

The day you arrive you get to know the rest of the team and receive a welcome package: mug, hoodie... On the second day, you meet every single member of the company and get to learn about their tasks. The day after, your manager thoroughly presents what your position entails. If you are lucky enough, you will be joining us on the day of the new season of MazeterChef 🙂
The rest of the week will be dedicated to your training so that you can become fully autonomous as soon as possible.

Life at Mazeberry

Application process

Mazeberry's hiring process follows a fair and thorough step-by-step validation framework.

Application received

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Join us!

New Jewel of the French Tech, Mazeberry is on the hunt for talents. Join the team!