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As a web analytics consultant, you assist your customers in optimizing their online advertising expenses. You ensure that data is well collected and you are an impartial player with respect to the different channels used by your customers.

Our technology brings concrete answers to your customers. The solution Mazeberry is organized around the PASID methodology. Thus all key performance indicators featured in the solution are operational and adapted to the needs of e-commerce leaders.

Mazeberry’s partners include many web analytics consultants such as Mehdi OUDJIDA. If you want to become a partner of Mazeberry, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

The attribution of conversions for different acquisition channels, especially in e-commerce, is a complex discipline without a facilitator.
Mazeberry makes it possible to bring intelligence quickly by presenting the role of each marketing channel in a clear and concise way.
Its flexibility is also crucial when there is a doubt concerning the best attribution model to adopt. For a consultant, it is an excellent decision-making tool. Thanks to the solution, I save time on data analysis. I can spend more time advising my customers and allow them to act more efficiently.
Mehdi OUDJIDA, Senior Web Analytics Consultant @ WISSI,

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