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Mazeberry was the first French company to operate Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnel API. In 2012, we had the good fortune to work with the API team 6 months before the API official release date.

  • July of 2012

In another case, Mazeberry, an analytics company from France, helped their client 123Fleurs decrease customer acquisition costs by 20% by integrating data from the Multi-Channel Funnels API into a new reporting framework. Their application, Mazeberry Express, combines media cost and full conversion path data to provide new Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Return on Investment (ROI) metrics that provide a more complete understanding of how online channels are working together to influence conversions.

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Journal du Net

Paris’ E-Commerce: 5 Start-ups with which you will be one step ahead

Le Journal du Net talks about Mazeberry! Following the Paris E-Commerce exhibition, Le Journal du Net wrote an article about the 5 start-ups that offer innovative solutions in different areas and Mazeberry is one of them!
Read about Journal du Net’s point of view about Mazeberry !

  • September of 2014

Founded in April of 2011 in EuraTechnologies by Thibaut Lemay, Mazeberry is specialized in marketing attribution, but not in the deduplication, declares the founder. Benefiting from many partnerships with most of the existing analytics solutions, Mazeberry analyses the entire path that leads users to buy

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Journal du Net

Journal du Net’s Chronicle

Discover the chronicle about attribution and deduplication written by Fabien Dutrieux and published on the Journal du Net in the context of Mazeberry’s latest white paper release : Attribution and deduplication in the same boat ?

  • June of 2014

Web advertisers are increasing the use of attribution and deduplication methods, but what do these two concepts really mean ? Are they the same or different ? Do they address the same issues ?

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FrenchWeb – Mazeberry, expert on the e-commerce costs analyses, raises €200,000

Read Thibaut Lemay’s French interview (Mazeberry’s founder and CEO) published on February of 2014 on

  • February of 2014

FrenchWeb : You announced a €200,000 fund raising from Network Finances. How did the operation go ?
Thibaut Lemay : Thank to this funding round, Mazeberry equipped itself with all the resources and qualities necessary in order to keep growing.

Read all about it (French)

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Website of the day on French Web

Read Thibaut Lemay’s French interview (Mazeberry’s founder and CEO) published on September of 2013 on

  • September of 2013

In 2004, Thibaut Lemay was still a computer science student. He developed his first language exchange Internet website, and this was more than 10 years ago. Since then, he studied computer engineering, specialized himself in e-marketing, and that’s when he “fell into” web analytics… He created Mazeberry in 2011, after going through Lille’s incubator EuraTechnologies.

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Journal Du Net

Journal Du Net’s Chronicle

Read Mazeberry’s first chronicle published on the Journal du Net. In this chronicle, we explain more in depth some definitions and insist on the difference between Web Attribution and Deduplication

  • September of 2013

Some reminders regarding definitions and vocabulary syntheses about marketing Attribution. What are the questions you should ask yourself before starting a sales’ Attribution project? What are the right practices ?

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Vente Privée’s Lab

Lab Vente Privée

We met François Guénon in September of 2012 in order to pitch Mazeberry. We let you discover his synthesis…

  • September of 2012

The claim of fame for a small start-up coming from North of France? It’s probably about getting quoted on one of Google’s official blog article. That what’s happened to Mazeberry, in full summer torpor, and not any Google’s blog article: the one from the Google Analytics team announcing the launch of a new function answering to the sweet name of “multi-source funnel”.

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