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Discover Mazeberry’s environment! These partners are guided by Btwinz SaaS Ventures that helps foster the rise of the best international and French SaaS solutions.

Btwinz Saas Ventures

Btwinz SaaS Ventures was co-founded by Didier and Bertrand Fredenucci 2 years ago. It is a venture builder that helps foster the rise of the best international and French SaaS solutions.

With more than 20 new clients every single month, there are already more than 250 companies that benefit from the services of the 8 solutions that are part of Btwinz SaaS Ventures!

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Quanta Computing

QUANTA is a Technical Performance Analytics solution targeting digital and eCommerce stakeholders. The solution enables them to improve their conversions thanks to the optimisation of response times at all stages of the conversion funnel.

The app enables eCommerce players to:

- Follow the availability of the purchase funnel thanks to advanced functionalities,
- Automatically look for top-of-the-list optimizations to improve conversions.

Thanks to the recommendations and tips provided by QUANTA, ETAM saw their conversions go up by 20%, which translated in millions of Euros in additional sales.

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Alphalyr offers a solution which allows collected web data and analytics from brands to become predictive. Our mission is to control, straighten out and prepare the data at the disposal of Digital Management so as to establish reliable and predictable dashboards.

For instance, Alphalyr allows you to visualize the expected monthly turnover at the beginning of the month. You can finally focus on your job – anticipate and decide !
Our work also allows you to ensure the trustworthiness of data root used by Mazeberry, Quanta or Catalisio.

With more than 30 customers such as SMCP, Bricomarché,, Medecins Sans Frontière and PizzaHut, our solution allows you to jump from big data to trusted data.



Founded in 2014, Catalisio is an advanced decision support solution aimed at the eCommerce industry. Their goal is to help eCommerce professionals increase conversions by digging into Search data.

When properly processed, the many requests processed by search engines turn into a mine of information and insights that translate into potential conversions. A good understanding of search requests and of their performance can add sales to your SEO and SEA! Catalisio provides a solution that can easily make sense of a massive amount of Search and Analytics data.

Their innovative approach has already appealed to some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Sarenza, Vestiaire Collective...

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yReceipts allows retailers to collect customer data at the point of sale by offering a brand image e-ticket which is sent in real time. The collect rate went up by 50% in the UK with 80% of opt-in. yReceipts allows you to enhance your loyalty program, to identify non-identified transactions, to react in real time with customized offers and to retrieve in-store customer experience during the transaction.

Keep ticket design under control and transform e-tickets into a powerful commitment channel with your customers. Put dynamic and targeted content into your original tickets, and improve social media interactions. Our application is non-intrusive, does not require any changes on your EPOS cash register system. It can be deployed remotely in all your stores and for all your markets. Connect in real-time with customers in-store and transactional data so as to enhance your CRM, data analytics, experience and customer notification, ESP and other systems with brick and mortar data.
Measure offline performance and ROI of online campaigns by connecting them to the transactions performed in store.

yReceipts has won numerous prizes, in particular at the World Retail Congress 2015 “Best Innovation Technology for Retailers”, working with customers such as Mothercare, Gant, Timberland, Max Mara, Puma, Eleven Paris…

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