Mazeberry’s mission

logo-pass-frt-A-150x150 Company | Marketing attribution softwareMazeberry is a technology company that provides web advertisers with a total control over their marketing spend. Founded in 2011, the company has since then received many awards distinguishing its R&D efforts towards building its innovative eponymous solution: the Mazeberry Solution.
Mazeberry acquires, thus building a complete offer. With this new stage in its development, Mazeberry shows its long-term strategy to further strengthen its acclaimed know-how in the Smart Data world.
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Mazeberry’s mission is to provide a decision support toolbox thanks to its two apps, which are both aimed at optimizing the marketing and merchandising activities of its clients.

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What are Mazeberry’s values?

Mazeberry & unite their strengths around a team made up of 30 people, 200 clients, and apps deployed in more than 20 countries with these values:

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  • Impartiality:

    Mazeberry’s team does not manage any marketing campaign. Our solution has no interest in promoting any specific marketing channel over another.

  • Expertise:

    Over the last 5 years our customers have testified about Mazeberry’s expertise and the quality of our solution in terms of attribution / contribution. We devote 100% of our efforts on data analysis by improving our Solution and its decision support algorithms whenever needed.

  • Clarity:

    Our Solution is built and structured around a decision funnel, in order to simplify the readings of the analyses and the set-up of an effective marketing action plan. Our total mastery over attribution and contribution has allowed us to build and design one of the most complete Solution in the Industry.

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Thibaut Lemay

Founder & President

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Romain Baert

Co-founder & Head of Sales

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Julien Decroix

Co-founder & Head of Product

Mazeberry in Figures

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