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Mazeberry's goal

Mazeberry empowers advertisers to take control of their investissements

In an environment where eCommerce departments are still on the hunt for the right attribution model, Mazeberry -leader in its field- goes a step further by combining product strategy and the analysis of conversion journeys.

Mazeberry's mission is to guide eCommerce departments in their daily tasks and struggles thanks to a vision that combines thorough analyses, Artificial Intelligence, and a proven methodology.

% of our time dedicated to R&D
Dedicated experts
Millions of customer journeys analysed every year

Our history

We've achieved so much since 2011!
  • Mazeberry launches the most disruptive offer on the market

    Take control of your marketing mix and product mix by exploiting your existing data thanks to Mazeberry!

    Septembre 2017
  • Acquisition of Merchandising.io!


    March 2017
  • 2017
  • Mazeberry gets awarded the French Tech Pass


    Novembre 2016
  • Launch of the UK operations


    April 2016
  • Launch of the Mazeberry Customer Community


    February 2016
  • 2016
  • Launch of the Mazeberry Academy


    Septembre 2014
  • 2014
  • Fundraising from Network Finances


    JANUARY 2014
  • Launch of the Mazeberry Certified Partner Program


    DECEMBRE 2013
  • Mazeberry joins the Btwinz Saas Ventures program


    Octobre 2013
  • 2013
  • Mazeberry starts its operations at Euratechnologies

    April 2011
  • 2011

Our values

Mazeberry is strong of more than 30 employees, 250 customers, and a presence in more than 20 countries. 3 values stand at its core:


Mazeberry does not manage a single marketing camapaign. Thus, we have no incentive to favor a channel over an other one in our analyses.


Our customers testify of our expertise in terms of attribution and contribution. We dedicate 100% of our efforts to analysing data, and we update our solution and its decision support algorithms on a monthly basis.


Our solution is built around a decision support funnel to help with the understanding of the analyses and the proper enforcement of effective marketing action plans. Our 360-mastery of anything attribution and contribution has enabled us to design the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Our team

Thibaut Lemay

Thibaut Lemay

Founder & CEO

With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and another one in Online Marketing in his pocket, Thibaut joined EuraTechnologies – France's leading start-up incubator – and founded Mazeberry in 2011. Following his experience in the Silicon Valley, Thibaut decided to foster this entrepreneurial spirit among his team, by giving them the autonomy they need.

Romain Baert

Romain Baert

Co-founder & Head of Sales

Strong of 8 years of experience at a leading CRM provider, Romain joined Mazeberry in 2014 as its Associate Commercial Director. Nicknamed the "magician" by his team, Romain engineers innovative sales strategies that provide all the support needed by his sales team - he always finds the right formula to solve the issues they face.

Julien Decroix

Julien Decroix

Co-founder & Head of Product

Before starting Mazeberry Merchandising, Julien served as Web Analytics & Testing Manager at Redcats. This has led him to be responsible for the roadmap and build out of the current technology platform. He holds a MSc in Innovation Management from Telecom Business School.

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