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Since we started using the Mazeberry solution, we have chosen an attribution model which takes into account first touch channels and considers them in the conversion paths of web users. Having a look at our statistics with another model gave us a new perspective on these channels at the beginning of the conversion path. Moreover, having a new analysis tool for our channels allowed us to detect some tracking errors and overhaul our stats, our performances and the way to optimize our Internet marketing channels.

Analysis with the Mazeberry solution allows us to step back on each channel and have an overall view of the marketing mix.

ELODIE, Acquisition manager, Promod,

Garden furniture and accessories

Le Rêve chez Vous is an e-commerce website, a leader in France on the segment of garden furniture and accessories. Armed with the experience of our first six years, we are extending our activities to indoor furniture and accessories. We offer the best value for money, with a sales department dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Measure. Involvement of channels and investments (traffic, sales)
  • Analyze. Weight of each channel in our sales
  • Decide. Optimization of our investments per channel by simplifying analyses
The Mazeberry dashboard allows us to measure and analyze our Internet marketing performances and helps us to adapt our acquisition and development of customer loyalty strategies, with speed, simplicity and flexibility.
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Speed

logo-lerevechezvous Testimonials | Marketing attribution software

Yves Le Pape, Le Rêve Chez Vous
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