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Just like BforBank did, put an end to the last-click model to gain greater visibility and get a 360-understanding of your channels and marketing mix!

About BforBank

Online bank

Key marketing channel: Affiliates

Get all third parties on board

We had always wanted to put an end to the last click model to gain an understanding of marketing channels that kickstart customer journeys. The Mazeberry Solution has enabled us to get a comprehensive understanding of all our channels once connected to our Analytics. Alexis Biton, BforBank Head of Acquisition and Advertising


SEA, display, affiliates... BforBank uses many marketing channels as part of its marketing mix and already has an AdServer. To measure changes, bring added-value and challenge ad networks, BforBank has chosen Mazeberry and AT Internet. The technical bridge between the two solutions has enabled us to understand the issues at stake and to reach our goals.

The Mazeberry Attribution Solution

The Solution provides BforBank with a clear view of its marketing mix. It helps identify which channels cannibalize one another, are autonomous, and to detect opportunities. The contribution of each channel is measured and can be managed by the agencies the online bank works with. Mazeberry's analyses and insights help BforBank control their data and take measured decisions.


Thanks to AT Internet and Mazeberry's own decisional KPIs, BforBank's acquisition strategy has been optimized and business risks have been minimized. Affiliates now hold a key role in our marketing mix and are extremely performant to start customer journeys. The online bank now has access to more granular information. It can also control the contribution of all its ad platforms. Mazeberry has brought together team members and marketing agencies to better manage campaigns. Mazeberry being a trusted third party is key for advertisers that wish to get their data back under control. The solution makes all the decisions taken more accurate and effective.

They trust us!

Adapt your acquisition strategy thanks to better customer knowledge to boost your sales performance, just like Damart has been doing!

Use your customer data and quickly identify your best-performing channels to increase conversions, just like Blancheporte has been doing!

Master all your product data and gain in visibility about the performance and profitability of your product mix, just like Motoblouz has been doing!

Generate qualified traffic and improve your visibility over your customer journey, just like our client La Maison du Whisky has been doing!

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