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Our challenge is to get closer to the core by digging further into our data. A tool like Mazeberry allows us to analyze and visualize conversion journeys to understand the various behaviors of our clients. Maxime Gailhbaud, Blancheporte Acquisition Manager


A historical player in the mail-order industry, Blancheporte has successfully transformed into a digital powerhouse. Blancheporte knows about the importance of measuring and mastering one's own customer data to grow one's sales. Today, more than half of its clients come from the Internet. To kick-start this journey the brand that’s a staple of the “Young senior” segment (50-65-year-old) has evolved hand-in-hand with its target thanks to Mazeberry's analytical tool.

The Attribution Solution

The Attribution Solution has enabled Blancheporte to clearly identify which were their best-performing and worst-performing channels. Based on all these insights, the economic model of channel providers has changed and their budget has turned for the best. Due to a dull impact, Native Ads were cut off. Analyses have thus shown that customers heavily use promo codes, which has lead Blancheporte to overhaul their strategy towards affiliates.

Reports dedicated to Marketing Channels have enabled Blancheporte to understand the role of each channel and their role within conversion journeys.


The first lesson was quick and efficient. After having identified quick wins, Maxime and his team have made the necessary adjustments. Annual license fees were paid back in just a month.

Blancheporte has increased its volume of conversions by 19.5% by better controlling its CPA.

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Adapt your acquisition strategy thanks to better customer knowledge to boost your sales performance, just like Damart has been doing!

Master all your product data and gain in visibility about the performance and profitability of your product mix, just like Motoblouz has been doing!

Leave the last-click attribution model and get a fuller view of your marketing mix to lower your acquisition costs, just like Jennyfer has been doing!

Generate qualified traffic and improve your visibility over your customer journey, just like our client La Maison du Whisky has been doing!

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