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Alcohol & Spirits

CPA down by 13%

33% rise in turnover

"Thanks to Mazeberry we have gained clear visibility over our customer journey. Since then, we have been able to manage and pinpoint which channels are the most profitable“. Frédéric Aubert, LMDW Traffic Manager


In an environment where the marketing mix of advertisers densifies, measuring the actual contribution of channel providers has become a major issue. LMDW was on the hunt for a tool that would help master the ROI of its marketing spend.

The Attribution Solution

With Mazeberry Attribution, LMDW maximizes the return generated by its channel providers. The solution helps measure the actual performance of each channel within the customer journey.


Mazeberry's proprietary KPIs have enabled LMDW to renegotiate the way it deals on a financial level with its channel providers. The CPA of some channels was divided by 4. This has enabled LMDW to test some new channels and to increase its turnover by 33%.

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Adapt your acquisition strategy thanks to better customer knowledge to boost your sales performance, just like Damart has been doing!

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Master all your product data and gain in visibility about the performance and profitability of your product mix, just like Motoblouz has been doing!

Leave the last-click attribution model and get a fuller view of your marketing mix to lower your acquisition costs, just like Jennyfer has been doing!

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