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We deal with the many challenges of our clients thanks to a smart data approach.

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Need to manage your marketing mix? Want to control the data of your product mix? Mazeberry helps you understand and make sense of massive amounts of data thanks to a framework that combines a proven methodology and Artificial Intelligence. Experiencing Mazeberry consists in taking measured decisions and remaining agile in the daily management of your marketing mix and product mix.


Analyze your marketing mix to improve your traffic and your marketing spend.


Identify all the touchpoints in your customer journey to maximize the added value of each single interaction, and to enforce profitable marketing actions.


Take control of your product mix to establish an efficient action plan and improve your performance.

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We meet the needs of our clients through a smart data approach.

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Knowing what your audience does is not an easy feat... Mazeberry collects the data about your audience and its attribution to help you analyze your marketing performance as related to the unique traits of your audience and prospects.

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Whether you wish to identify all the touch-points with your target audience, or to analyze the behavior of your audience, or to improve the overall experience of your customer base, Mazebery is here to provide the much-needed marketing intelligence to reach your goals.

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Constantly on the hunt for ever more performance? What if there were a Solution able to collect your existing data and to analyze your marketing strategy towards ever more performance? Improve the clarity you got about your customer journey and make managing your channels easy with Mazeberry!

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Allocating your budget should not be done at random! Assess different combinations of channels and tactics to optimize your marketing mix!

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Branded channels are not the most profitable, yet brand awareness is key to your strategy? Assess your marketing mix to discover the actual contribution of each channel, and to measure interactions in customer journeys to enforce a winning strategy thanks to Mazeberry.

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Have plenty of data that's difficult to delve into? Make sense of your past data with Mazeberry!

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Making sense of your product data is a necessity when growing your eCommerce website. Mazberry helps to easily and quickly spot your best-performing categories, brands, and items!

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As data accumulates, it becomes a necessity to have a tool to optimize and automate the structuration of your product strategy. Your team can centralize all the data and decide upon the right targets strategy with Mazeberry.

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You know that when adopting a Test & Learn strategy you can easily boost your conversions! With Mazeberry spot all the ways to optimize and activate your data and create an optimal customer strategy.

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Need to break silos between Marketing and Merchandising? Mazeberry helps take measured decisions while remaining agile when managing your marketing and product mix.

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You are aware that the last click model is not accurate, yet you do not know how to analyze all your data!? Thanks to Mazeberry, you can benefit from a clear view of your marketing mix to optimize and measure its evolution.

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