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Chatbots: 5 traps to avoid when getting started

Chatbots have been propelled to the forefront through the rise of instant messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp…) and the many improvements in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are now intrinsic to our daily life. Appealing to both brands and consumers, […]


[Series] The different marketing channels: facebook ads

You have probably seen at least once an insert with the word “sponsored” written above it on the most famous social network of them all. Less present on news feeds than a few years ago, but more qualitative, Facebook Ads […]

[Series] The different marketing channels: Product listing Ads

As an e-retailer, you have an ever-growing need for product visibility. The Web user having a potential need for your activity must come across your product. For this, you have at your disposal numerous marketing levers (which we have already […]


[Series] The different marketing channels: Amazon ads

Amazon is part of GAFA, the four high-tech Internet giants: Google, Apple, Facebook and, of course, Amazon. To compete with the rise of Product Listing Ads and the pressure imposed by Google, Amazon launched its product promotion service on its […]

display rtb titre

[Series] The different marketing channels: RTB Display

Today, we start our first “series” of articles! This series will be composed of a number of articles sharing the same theme and following the same approach. For our first “series”, we will look at the various e-marketing channels whose […]

[Series] The different marketing channels: e-mail retargeting

Now for our second episode, we’ll talk about a channel that has existed since the beginnings of the Internet: e-mail. And more precisely, e-mail retargeting! What is e-mail retargeting? E-mail retargeting is a form of e-mail operating on the same […]

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