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Discover our new white paper: 7 best practices for data-driven companies

Data analysis is on everyone’s lips and for sure is a trend to follow this year! Thanks to our white paper, discover the best practices to follow to become a Data-Driven Company (DDC), and use your data to take impactful decisions. In a […]


Why would you make a promo code page?

In the current marketing context, it is not uncommon to see e-commerce advertisers invest in promo code-type affiliation channels. Not necessarily wrongly, since such investment can prove beneficial. However, the general finding is that most Internet users do not discover […]


Display Retargeting: objectives, trends and reality

Retargeting is your primary weapon to win back visitors who have abandoned their basket or simply left your site during navigation. It offers interesting promotions on products consulted or recover abandoned cart in order to trigger the act of purchase. […]


The 5 essential points for an attribution project

A few months ago, we wrote an article about the 5 mistakes to avoid in marketing attribution. To respond directly to this article, we have developed a check-list of 5 key points that must be put in place at the […]

Who should be in charge of a marketing attribution project?

At Mazeberry, we have been marketing attribution experts for more than four years. With our expertise, we have generally found that the Marketing Manager was the initiator of the attribution project. They tend to manage the project alone or with […]

Why would you choose to use contributive analyses?

Today, advertisers mainly use two methods for analysing their traffic sources: silo analysis and last click attribution. However, these two methods have become obsolete. The issue is a diversified buying journey. To overcome this, a method of analysis has been […]

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