Why should your digital strategy be Human?

For many companies, digital strategies first started with data and have subsequently developed around this variable to a point where they solely focus on figures, reports and tasks automation. Yet the most common error is to solely invest in technology when thinking of digital strategies. Leading companies in the industry got it right and already understand that the focus of a digital strategy shall be… Human!

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Interview with an expert: Maxime Gailhbaud, Blancheporte Traffic Manager

A historical player in the mail-order industry, Blancheporte has successfully transformed into a digital powerhouse. Today, more than half of its clients come from the Internet. To kick-start this journey, the brand that’s a staple of the “Young senior” segment (50-65-year-old) has evolved hand-in-hand with its target. After more than a year using the Mazeberry Attribution Solution, Maxime Gachango, Blancheporte Traffic Manager, shares his feedback!

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