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Chatbots: 5 traps to avoid when getting started

Chatbots have been propelled to the forefront through the rise of instant messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp…) and the many improvements in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are now intrinsic to our daily life. Appealing to both brands and consumers, […]


What is Unified Marketing Impact Analytics (UMIA)?

Nowadays consumers are increasingly connected, and go through numerous channels before buying their order. In such a complex environment, it is extremely difficult for marketers to efficiently measure the performance of the various marketing tools at their disposal, and consequently to point out which strategy enables greater ROI. […]


eCommerce: how to solve your cross-device problem?

According to a study by OMD people use a different device 21 times per hour when home! Dear eCommerce actors, this article reveals the truth regarding cross-device, but also highlights the technologies at your disposal to follow your users, prospects and / or clients. 1- What […]


Is the conversion rate over in the e-commerce industry?

The e-commerce conversion rate is undoubtedly advertisers’ preferred indicator, yet it holds many limitations. While in use for the last 15 years by online retailers, it has been interrelated with attribution models. When you use the last click, multi-touch, or even data-driven […]


What is an omnichannel strategy?

Technological progress has helped increase the number of marketing channels, from catalogs, phones, tablets, door-to-door, to more classic in-store sales. Marketing strategies need a complete overhaul. What is an omnichannel strategy? What for? Mazeberry tells you how to interpret and […]


What to remember about the year 2015?

Just for you, Mazeberry reviews the top 5 articles that you should keep in mind when remembering the year 2015! 1- BIG DATA AND ADVERTISING: WHAT COULD BE THE POSSIBLE USE? Experiencing a 360 change, Big Data is the focus of all […]

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