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Interview with an expert: Charles Rameye at BUT

While the digital revolution is well on its way, customer journeys have undergone many changes… stores must adapt, or less they are at risk of losing traffic and a significant portion of their turnover. An expert in his field, Charles […]


Omnichannel Strategy: Cyrillus’ Experience [Live Webinar]

Mazeberry & Commanders Act share with you the issues at stake and the benefits of drafting an omnichannel strategy through a shared case study on Thursday the 27th of April at 4 PM (GMT +1). Let’s put an end to […]


Damart’s marketing spend down by 35% in just a year!

While eager to end its use of the Last Click attribution model, Damart was on the lookout for an efficient tool to gain clarity over its entire customer journey, and thus to be able to better manage the marketing channels […]

Vivarte Mazeberry marketing attribution

Testimony: Making sense of an “Attribution / Contribution” project by Vivarte

Mazeberry has recently shared the news about its 6 new clients. Today we wish to get back to the attribution / contribution project of one of them, Vivarte.   We offer you to download Sandrine Melone’s testimony, Vivarte’s Head of Acquisition […]

Case Study LMDW by Mazeberry

How LMDW has improved its understanding of its customer journey?

It has become difficult for advertisers to have a clear visibility over their customers’ journey and to know for sure which channels are the most profitable in an e-marketing environment where clients meander through many channels before their purchase. To […]


Corsair’s case study: their data-driven journey…

As consumers’journeys are increasingly long and complex, last click analyses undervalue or even ignore channels that contribute to conversions. Yet, were you aware that more than 50% of advertisers still resort to last click analyses? Today, Mazeberry presents the different […]

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