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E-commerce: 5 tips to tackle cart abandonment for good

90% was the average cart abandonment rate as measured by “Ve Interactive” in Q2 2016. Whether you are on the average, it’s highly likely that large shares of your visitors add items to their basket before leaving it all without any further warning. How to fix this issue? We introduce you to 5 measures to implement to efficiently deal with the worst nightmare of eCommerce Merchandising professionals!

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Chatbots: 5 traps to avoid when getting started

Chatbots have been propelled to the forefront through the rise of instant messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp…) and the many improvements in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are now intrinsic to our daily life. Appealing to both brands and consumers, this new gen of virtual assistants has gained momentum since 2016. They stand for the best of what is coming to the world of customer relationship.

If you too wish to get started and bet on this new touchpoint, then this article is made for you as it uncovers the 5 most common traps to avoid and best practices to adopt before jumping into the chatbots adventure.
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