Why would you make a promo code page?

In the current marketing context, it is not uncommon to see e-commerce advertisers invest in promo code-type affiliation channels. Not necessarily wrongly, since such investment can prove beneficial. However, the general finding is that most Internet users do not discover the website using promo codes, but will rather seek a code when finalizing the purchase.

The Internet user will for example type “ promo code”. The problem is that the promotional code will be assigned to the conversion and thus increase the cost of sales. The affiliation promo code being a CPA lever, how can we reduce these promo code costs?

Creating your promo code page

The solution is to create a promo code page specific to your brand. The goal is to gain visibility and reduce costs, without cutting the channels preceding the promo code in the buying journey. Thanks to your page, users will be less likely to go through your affiliate pages and will be redirected straight to your site.

Your promo code page will allow you to be more present on the “ promo code” search and thus be beneficial not only for your traffic, but also to potentially improve the ROI of your channels. Not to forget, it will reduce costs due to affiliation as your page should generate more clicks than affiliated sites.

The right basis for a promo code page

The page dedicated to your promo codes must meet certain conditions. First, it must regroup, as the name suggests, all the promo codes of your site which you previously generated. The page also needs to be properly optimised for searching. As stated above, one of the objectives of the promo code page is to be referenced and attached to your brand.
This can of course go through organic SEO, but also through paid searching. Don’t hesitate to frequently monitor the correct positioning of your page.


Also, if you have other affiliate programmes, always make sure it’s you, advertisers, who own your brand. Indeed, many affiliation programmes buy your brand name in SEA, creating a risk of cannibalisation between your promo code page and that of other affiliation programmes. As a consequence, the affiliates will capture the attention of the web users and take your place in the search engines.

What are the benefits of creating your own page?

The benefits are primarily financial. Knowing the budgets that it can represent, creating your own promo code & voucher page can relieve your e-marketing budget. You will also gain in SEO as your page will be referenced on your site and not through a third party site. Lots of advertisers follow this trend, but it is of course up to you. If you have total control over your promo code affiliation programme, you are free to continue on this path. That being said, creating your own promo code page is a relatively simple task, which does not require much time or investment. So you have everything to gain by using this technique!


Why would you make a promo code page?
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