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[Video] Who’s Mazeberry? The Marketing Attribution & Contribution Expert Solution!

Two funding rounds, the launch of Mazeberry 4.0, more than 100 clients, a Marketing Attribution & Contribution Solution deployed in 22 countries… The Mazeberry team felt the need to renew its message after close to 6 years of tremendous success on the European market.

Fortuitous times ahead for Mazeberry’s Marketing Attribution & Contribution Solution

With ever-growing ambitions and success on the international stage Mazeberry and its eponymous Marketing Attribution & Contribution Solution required a new message to introduce what we feel is a marketing tool essential to any marketing department. Hence, what better than a new corporate video to highlight what we stand for, the values we share with our clients, the ROI they testify about, and the ever-growing team of talents that has lead us to where we are now?

A reference in the world of United Marketing Impact Analytics

Ecommerce players in an increasingly complex environment are in dire need of a solution to help them shed the light on the good and the bad regarding their marketing spend.

With the rise of new channels – such as RTB Display, RLSA – the multiplication of suppliers and agencies, Mazeberry by plugging into your Data Collection Solution (DMP, CRM, Analytics, AdServer) brings to life all your Data. With innovative KPIs that go beyond classic attribution indicators, such as the useful visits rate and many others, our solution helps overhaul and optimize the marketing spend of ecommerce players. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients stay a step ahead and thrive on the long run.

All in all, this video presented by Thibaut Lemay, Mazeberry CEO, and Jerome Hernad, Mazeberry Business Developer, will give you a taste of what distinguishes us from other solutions on the market, and why you too should benefit from our easy-to-use and quick-to-implement solution.

Enjoy and feel free to ring us or request a demo to have one of Mazeberry’s employee walk you through our solution!

[Video] Who’s Mazeberry? The Marketing Attribution & Contribution Expert Solution!
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