Omnichannel Strategy: Cyrillus’ Experience [Live Webinar]

Mazeberry & Commanders Act share with you the issues at stake and the benefits of drafting an omnichannel strategy through a shared case study on Thursday the 27th of April at 4 PM (GMT +1).

Let’s put an end to the never-ending arguments over Brick and Mortar vs. Online! These channels both bring tremendous value to your brand! It is time to start thinking through the prism of omnichannel analysis  when trying to optimize your business. Mazeberry and Commanders Act get together to present their latest webinar that answers all your questions related to data unification. This live event will enable you to switch to a 360 strategy thanks to a series of hands-on advice!


Our experts will share with you all their tips to activate your data, all along a presentation of how Cyrillus has made its marketing strategy even more performant by bridging the gap between its online and offline data. You will learn about the synergies between our two solutions during our webinar through a detailed layout of our methodology.

Jerome Hernad (Mazeberry) and Michael Froment (Commanders Act), both experts in the field of omnichannel data activation, will cover how important it is to have a 360-view of conversion journeys. They will also shed some light on the steps to go through to benefit from a full understanding of your customer journeys:

  • Omnichannel marketing attribution,
  • Contribution of online channels towards generating in-store traffic
  • Considering in-store purchases when assessing the ROI of your marketing spend…

webinar omnichannel strategy

This webinar will be a great opportunity to get to hear about the implementation feedback of our mutual client, i.e. Cyrillus. Leader in Europe, Commanders Act has recently overhauled its offer in order to deliver even more performance in the daily management of your data.

Get your questions answered live and learn how to reach your goals with our webinar! Click here to save your seat.

Omnichannel Strategy: Cyrillus’ Experience [Live Webinar]
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