Planning for Marketing Attribution: 10 Questions Digital Marketing Agencies Have

Digital marketing agencies have to be proactive to answer their clients’ needs… So we have gathered the main questions agencies have when drafting an attribution project. This top 10 will lead you to understand how and why you should partner with Mazeberry.

1/ Why launch an attribution project for my clients?

analyse contribution attribution

When drafting the marketing mix of your clients’ eCommerce platform, you are likely to invest on various channels: SEO, SEA, Display, Retargeting… The sum of these investments is likely to reach a steep price. Therefore, it is interesting to be able to analyze the ROI of each KPI as well as to assess the profitability of the whole marketing mix.

2/ Should I only take into account attribution in my analyses?

60% of e-commerce conversions currently involve 2 or more touchpoints. It is therefore crucial to work on an attribution model that is relevant to your market. Yet, marketing attribution is just the first step in the path towards a complete analysis of the customer journey. By measuring the contribution of all KPIs, you will be able to determine how investing on some channels has an incremental effect on conversions, to identify interactions between all your channels, and to measure the actual impact on conversions and on your clients’ budget. Thanks to the 360-view contribution offers, you will have all the knowledge to take enlightened decisions to increase your marketing performance.

3/ My clients’ website are plugged to Mazeberry, can I access it?

analyse contribution attributionOf course. Each of Mazeberry’s client can be granted a different access levelon the platform. Similarly, it is possible to share the Dashboards with external service providers through the “consultant” access level.

4/ How can Mazeberry’s analyses help improve my clients marketing mix?

When longing in the Mazeberry Solution you can manage the performance of your client’s marketing channels. This gives you the tools to answer various questions: Are marketing channels efficient? Do they work the way they should? Thanks to the analysis derived from Mazeberry’s metrics, you will have the possibility to take effective decisions that improve the overall marketing mix of your clients.

5/ What are the criteria to establish the eligibility of my clients to the Mazeberry Solution?

analyse contribution attribution

In order to connect to Mazeberry, it is key to properly setup your data collection solution (Analytics, CRM, DMP…) We invite you to have a look at our webpage listing currently available connectors in order to check which solutions are interfaceable with Mazeberry at the moment.

6/ Can I suggest Mazeberry to my clients on my own?

You wish to suggest the Mazeberry Solution to your clients? It couldn’t be easier, we can guide you all the way through thanks to our certification course aimed at validating your knowledge of the Mazeberry Solution.

7/ Mazeberry certified: what are the benefits?

The Mazeberry certification is an award showcasing our partners’ mastery of attribution and contribution analyses. It enables a better polling of all the talents and experts with the final aim of guiding Mazeberry’s clients the most effectively way possible.

8/ How does the Mazeberry certification take place?

partenaire certifiéThe certification program takes a day to go through. Divided into two sections, the training course aims at turning you into an expert of the Mazeberry Solution and of issues related to attribution and contribution.

The theoretical section deals with marketing attribution and the various analytical methods available. During this part of the training, the soon-to-be certified partners learn about issues at stakes with attribution, the main KPIs, and various analytical methods.

The practical training covers the use of the Mazeberry Solutions to maximize the exploitation of analyses, with the final aim to craft the right strategy.

9/ Which agencies are already certified?

partenaire mazeberry

Several partners are already certified: Darwin, Alphalyr, Optimal Ways, Open Linking, Digital Keys… Find here all our certified partners.

10/ Can I train my clients without Mazeberry’s involvement?

As a certified partner you are granted the right to train Mazeberry’s future users. However, we remain at your disposal if you have any queries or need more information.

Planning for Marketing Attribution: 10 Questions Digital Marketing Agencies Have
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