#MWC17 – Mazeberry at the heart of innovation

Smartphones, tablets, VR, drones, A.I. … Mazeberry reports from the Heart of Innovation, i.e. The Mobile World Congress 2017 – Barcelona!

mwc_mazeberryWhat’s the MWC17?

The Mobile World Congress is one of the largest tradeshows in the world. It gathers more than 100,000 professionals over more than 200,000 sqm in Barcelona!

The capital of Catalonia is the ideal place to discover the latest trends that will sweep the mobile industry in 2017. More than 160 countries – Israel, South Korea, France under the umbrella of the French Tech – are represented through their most brilliant companies!

Biggest trends of 2017


This comes as no surprise to learn that Artificial Intelligence and 5G networks were on everyone’s lips. The biggest industry players take advantage of this event to launch their latest and most innovative products.

While Nokia with the revival of its beloved 3310 phone and Snake game took the center stage, some other brands such as Sony took a more traditional path with the Xperia Touch video projector that transforms any blank surface – table, wall… – into a touchscreen.

When it comes to Virtual Reality, Samsung unveiled its Remote that can be used to control one’s Gear VR.
Virtual Reality for the masses will be THE trend to watch out for this year!

Customer experience – at the core of MWC17


Customer knowledge is on everyone’s lips… All means are used to better know customers, their habits and their daily needs. The Internet of Things is increasingly being used as a marketing channel to communicate with customers. The most telling example being Amazon’s Echo – a voice-controlled personal assistant powered by Amazon that seats at the center of your home.

Companies do everything possible to provide their clients with a personalized customer experience through a combination of predictive marketing, Big Data, and VR.

This race to the top does not come without a few glitches, as unifying, organizing and analyzing data can be troublesome.

#MWC17 – Mazeberry at the heart of innovation
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