Mazeberry turns 6!

Mazeberry has recently turned 6! 6 years full of adventures and surprises… This birthday is the perfect time to remember our history, and what Thibaut had envisioned back in 2011. A rocket that more than 30 employees trust to lead them to ever greater heights.

So much achieved since 2011

mazeberry attribution

The different stages of the Mazeberry Rocket

You often compare Mazeberry to a rocket. What are the main stages that make up this rocket and the founding pillars of a start-up?


The first stage is passion.

What motivated me to create Mazeberry was the opportunity to fully dive into my passion, i.e. online data analysis, and to turn it into a business. This passion is a driving force on a day to day basis. This has made facing challenges -especially at our early beginnings- possible.

It’s the biggest quality of an entrepreneur as it boosts one’s own personal motivation and personal development.

The second stage is having a vision.

An entrepreneur shall be able to clearly state the future of an entrepreneurial project, i.e. the direction to follow and the goal you aspire to reach. Sharing your vision is key to get people to be involved and to believe in your project.

If we get a closer look, the Mazeberry Solution was 2 years ahead when it was created. It was thanks to a clear vision that I was able to convince our first clients (our early adopters) and employees who also shared this passion and trust. Luck was also part of the equation, as the market moved to the right direction, which leads me to the next pillar…

The third stage is luck.

Luck has always been on my side. I was among the first to be part of an incubator in France back in 2010. We were just a few at EuraTechnologies back then. I greatly appreciated how lucky I was to build my company alongside other entrepreneurs. Then the market moved towards the right direction -data collection and data analysis have become key for businesses around. It fast became obvious that Mazeberry was the right product, as it met the needs of marketing departments to optimize their online marketing spend. Thanks to our solution, they are able to steer their strategy in the right direction, spot opportunities, and to better manage their budget. This tool has from its start answered the basic needs of companies.

I also have had the chance to be surrounded by an amazing team (associates, investors, and employees) who helped this project grow and be known. Each and everyone brings unique assets, ever more energy and passion.

Then, I was lucky enough to join a startup accelerator program and attend an innovation and entrepreneurship course at the heart of the Silicon Valley at Stanford. These two events helped me grow into a full-blown startupper.

The 4th stage is implementation.

After laying out the foundations, a threshold was passed and associates -Network Finances, Btwinz Ventures and then Generis Capital- joined the adventure, and brought in their know-how. The synergies we’ve built show by the mutual trust we’ve developed, and we have results to prove it:

  • 9 times more employees in just 3 years!
  • +100% growth every year, and a record-breaking 2016 with a 131% growth!

The development of the company, of the team, of the brand, has enabled us to reach a new threshold. This has helped me become a full-blown CEO.

The 5th stage is about trust.

It is key to catch opportunities as they come and to trust your own team and associates. These two aspects shape the last stage, which allows for new perspectives and new threshold to be passed every year!

How does Mazeberry’s future look like?

Got some projects for the coming future?

Thibaut: What we foresee is mind blowing! Thanks to the acquisition of not so long ago, we have redefined and enriched our product mix. Mazeberry empowers Chief Digital Officers and lets them take control of their marketing and product mix by processing already-existing data.


As a study by Forrester shows, Unified Marketing Impact Analytics (UMIA) enables advertisers to efficiently measure their entire marketing mix and optimize all interactions between businesses and their clients. This is a crucial topic for CMOs and CDOs

Our future ambitions are built on the following pillars:

  • Make available the potential of our two Solutions and to help our clients to become ever more performant and to break down silos. We wish to create actual synergies between merchandising and acquisition strategies to provide our clients ever greater ROI and never seen before services.
  • As it is essential to deliver the right message, at the right time, and at the right place (Mazeberry Attribution), it likewise is crucial to suggest the right product, at the right price and in sufficient quantity (Mazeberry Merchandising). This is exactly what our two solutions deliver. It is a true added value for e-commerce professionals, as we are the first players in our home-market to link product strategy to the analysis of conversion journeys.
  • To support our clients in their daily challenges, our solution combines thorough analyses, artificial intelligence, and a proven methodology. A.I. is at the heart of our Solutions and we are betting on this technology to constantly improve the Mazeberry experience.
  • We put much efforts in the development of the Mazeberry ecosystem, thanks to our Business Partner Program which Damien Ousaci our Alliance Manager heads. Agencies and consultants are at the heart of advertisers’ business. Working with them is to work with experienced professionals who greatly participate in the constant improvement of our solution, and who spread the good word about Mazeberry. As we organize many events, we also foster the rise of a true community around Mazeberry.
  • Last but not least, a third Solution shall further strengthen our offer very soon…

Let’s meet again soon for some more announcements!

Mazeberry turns 6!
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