Mazeberry Google Analytics 360

Mazeberry further innovates around the Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Mazeberry Attribution Solution, Europe’s leading player in marketing mix optimization, further develops its collection of connectors.

At the forefront of Attribution since 2011, our Google connector has since its launch strongly evolved to keep ahead of clients’ needs. As of today, we can support and guide our largest clients that are many to migrate to Google Analytics Premium.

Google Analytics: a historic partnership with Mazeberry

Mazeberry builds on the data of its clients and connects to the Analytics solution that is trusted by them. Beyond a quick implementation, Mazeberry Attribution does not require any IT project. Furthermore, they can include all past data to craft effective action plans. Then, they can browse around the Solution thanks to decisional insights based on past data. The Mazeberry Hub unifies online/offline cross-device data thanks to its Plug & Play connection to CRM and to product-performance data streams.

Mazeberry Hub

As the undeniable leader in our home market, our strength is that we connect to the Big Data ecosystem of our clients to provide a 360-understanding of their marketing spend. The Google Analytics 360 Suite is dedicated to the largest industry players and builds on the strength of Google Analytics that has an 82,6% market share worldwide.

7 complementary solutions make it up:

  • Analytics 360 focuses on customer experience,
  • Tag Manager 360 optimizes tag management,
  • Attribution 360 provides an understanding of the added value of marketing channels,
  • Optimize 360 focuses on A/B Tests,
  • Data Studio 360 provides insights in dashboards,
  • Surveys 360 helps gather customer reviews,
  • Audience Center 360 supports advanced personalization through various channels.

Mazeberry & Google 360: a ROI-driven combination

Combining Mazeberry and Google 360 creates powerful synergies around SEA -Google AdWords and Google Shopping being huge hits with online advertisers. We invite you to download our  Ecommerce Benchmark if you wish to learn more about the latest trends that are sweeping the industry.

Combining Mazeberry and Google Analytics 360 provides advertisers with decisional KPIs that answer their most crucial issues. Thus, the contribution of channels is fully assessed, and you can spot under-performing occurrences, cannibalization… It also empowers you to assess the actual role of ad platforms vs what was promised. Mazeberry’s proprietary decisional funnel -constantly improved thanks to our clients’ feedbacks- helps ecommerce professionals to maximize the ROI of their marketing actions.

“Mazeberry already counts more than 15 Google Analytics GA 360 clients. This proves the synergies between our Solutions and the trust that our clients grant us with to optimize their marketing mix. The ROI that ensues from the data provided by Google is the reason behind our success!”

Thibaut Lemay, Mazeberry CEO & Founder


Mazeberry provides tremendous added value to Google Analytics, Premium or 360, thanks to its suite that meets the demands of world-leading advertisers, such as AccorHotels, Rue du CommerceHumanis and Petit Bateau who have all been using Mazeberry in combination with Google Analytics 360.

Request a demo of Mazeberry Attribution if you wish to learn more about our Solution!

Mazeberry further innovates around the Google Analytics 360 Suite
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