Mazeberry acquires to reinvent its decision support suite

Mazeberry – a leading player in the field of marketing mix optimization – acquires, thus building a complete offer. With this new stage in its development, Mazeberry shows its long-term strategy to further strengthen its acclaimed know-how in the Smart Data world.

The Mazeberry Suite: two decision support applications at the heart of Marketing Attribution & eCommerce Merchandising activities

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With this acquisition, the Mazeberry platform structures itself around two complementary activities. Mazeberry has long been helping Traffic Managers and Head of Acquisition take measured decisions and optimize their marketing mix., for its part, targets eCommerce Merchandising experts and Head of Product by providing them with a merchandising intelligence solution that simplifies and automates retailers’ daily tasks through a better understanding of browsing behaviors.

The Mazeberry Suite is built around a simple goal – providing an efficient decision support tool aimed at improving the site-centric and ad-centric activities of its clients! The ultimate goal being to first bring users on their websites, and then to help them find the right product and to convert. by Mazeberry: the right product to the right person through the right channel! processes product data and helps its users in the time-consuming analysis of their product performance, all the while displaying these analyses in a user-friendly app. Customers are then provided with a clear layout of the actions to take to maximize their commercial performance.

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It is estimated that 30% to 50% of internet users do not see spec sheets. Predictive insights, as provided by, come to the rescue and help solve this issue.

These predictive SmartBots make possible knowing on which products to focus one’s efforts, and how to optimize one’s various customer segments. The ultimate goal being to make sure that the right product is shown to the right person and through the right channel.

Mazeberry: ever more performance, optimization, and ROI!


The Mazeberry Suite strengthens its position as a decision support toolbox thanks to its two apps, which are both aimed at optimizing the marketing attribution and eCommerce merchandising activities of its clients. Mazeberry & unite their strengths around a team made up of 30 people, 200 clients, and apps deployed in more than 20 countries.

These two solutions benefit from the same ease of implementation thanks to a Plug & Play connection to existing data. This raw data is activated, processed and then displayed in easy-to-use and sleek apps, with the aim to maximize quick wins and ROI-oriented decisions, either on the marketing or eCommerce merchandising side of your business.

The synergies between these various modules reflect the vision of its management:



2017 sets itself as a crucial year for Mazeberry and lets us foresee great success on a global scale…

Want to learn more about and its many functionalities? Feel free to request a Demo!

Mazeberry acquires to reinvent its decision support suite
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