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Whether you are an agency or a specialized consultant, he is your trusted partner! Damien is Mazeberry’s Alliance Partner – he manages our Business Partner Program and guides agencies that use our Solution. We unveil his goals and missions.

Hello, Damien! You’ve recently joined Mazeberry as its Alliance Manager. Can you briefly describe your position?

The Alliance Manager is a major stakeholder in the company’s growth plan, as he manages a network of strategic partners. He helps them on the commercial side of things, through a joint offer that puts forward actual synergies.

Within Mazeberry, my main task is to assist agencies regarding their marketing attribution and contribution projects. Most manage their campaigns on a Last-Click basis and do not highlight the full extent of the marketing strategy they design. Mazeberry guides them – as a trusted third-party would do – and works as a binder between them and advertisers.

I also work towards further growth in terms of synergies made available to our technological partners.

Who do you mainly deal with?

Performance-based agencies, media agencies, consulting firms, consultants, SSII, Tech companies (DMP, Analytics, CRM…).

What are the benefits of forming a close partnership with Mazeberry?

It’s a win-win deal, we guide agencies, while they spread the good words about our Solution. Agencies have a key role in advising advertisers. They are also the one using our solution to better manage marketing channels. Working with agencies is working with experienced professional who enable us to improve our tool.

As a matter of fact, our Business Partner Program empowers agencies to:

  • become marketing attribution and contribution experts,
  • give strength to channels that historically were left asside by the last-click model (display, social ads, native ads…),
  • manage the entire marketing strategy of their clients.

What about your professional background?

After starting out as a front end developer at the beginning of my career, I decided to get a 360-view of jobs in the digital world, and thus got into the HETIC School. I then specialized in Digital Analytics, first as a Consultant then working for advertisers. After a while, I got the opportunity to hop on a new adventure and to be part of the opening of AB Tasty’s Australian office as a CRO consultant (Conversion Rate Optimisation). After two awesome years in Sidney, I thought it was time to get back to Europe to start with a new challenge, and here I am!

What has lead you to join Mazeberry?

The quality of the Solution and the added value it brings weighed a great deal in my decision. I took part in an Analytics event in 2011 (WACAMP), where Thibaut [Mazeberry Founder & CEO] presented an analysis of the multitouch market. I was already more than convinced of the use of a solution of this type (I’ve recounted it on my blog back then). I was unable at that time, to get past the limitations of the raw data provided by the various tools I used and to take decisions. Last January, when Thibaut & Mazeberry’s Commercial Director introduced me to the latest version of Mazeberry – alongside its straight-to-the-point methodology and KPIs, I was immediately convinced!

Any future plans?

Holding our first conference in Switzerland with our local partner (Virtua), getting agencies on board with us, and pursuing our international ambitions! On a more serious note,  I wish to have a taste of all the local beers around Lille in the coming months!

Join Mazeberry’s Certified Partner Network!
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