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Interview with a marketing attribution expert: Charles Rameye at BUT

While the digital revolution is well on its way, customer journeys have undergone many changes… stores must adapt, or less they are at risk of losing traffic and a significant portion of their turnover. An expert in his field, Charles Rameye, BUT Acquisition & Traffic Manager, shares a few tips!

Charles Rameye, BUT Acquisistion & Traffic Manager
Charles Rameye, BUT Acquisistion & Traffic Manager

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I have been in charge of online traffic acquisition at BUT over the last 3 years. BUT is the number 1 home improvement supplies retailing company in France. I have been working in the retail industry for close to 10 years, an industry that strongly cares about online and offline issues!

What are your main tasks at BUT?

I create and enforce the digital acquisition strategy at BUT. My goal is to generate performance-based qualified traffic onto, while never forgetting about our ROI. I deal with both organic and paid marketing channels. I analyze the performance and the contribution of each individual channels.

What challenges have you been facing?

For some of our products, such as sofas, the purchase journey can be quite long and complex. There are plenty of online and offline touchpoints. Mazeberry helps tremendously with our online activities and the efficient management of our marketing attribution strategies, I can measure the contribution of each channel,  and most of all I can lower the emphasis put on BUT’s brand name at the end of customer journeys. On a different level, we wish to decrease our investments on some channels such as affiliates, thanks to Mazeberry we have been able to assess the impact such a change would have ahead of implementation.

Which strategies have you been using to tackle these issues?

The latest version of Mazeberry allows for more granular analyses based on product categories. Overall, purchase behaviors are different depending upon our 2 main product categories – furniture and white goods. Thanks to Mazeberry, I know for each product categories which are the channels that intervene all along conversion journeys.

As for “brand priority management” – a lot of online users finalize their purchase via direct access or branded SEO. Thus, it was crucial to put fewer emphasis on these touchpoints -especially when occurring at the end of conversion journeys- to give more strength to channels that initiate and are in the middle of conversion journeys.

As the summer sales are soon starting, what advice can you give to e-commerce professionals?

Optimize your Landing Page, your sales store, and your product ranking. I believe that mobile will soon break all records in terms of traffic, thus it is crucial to be “mobile first” in terms of performance -load speed, etc- as well as in terms of UX or content… In terms of SEO, make sure that your website and sales store are all well ranked!

How would you describe Mazeberry in one word?

At the Forefront!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and hope to hear how you prep for the sales season!

Interview with a marketing attribution expert: Charles Rameye at BUT
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