How has PANDORA doubled its marketing spend and kept a stable ROI?

PANDORA switched agency and partners in 2016: the Danish jeweler has handed its marketing strategy over to Darwin Agency. To boost its turnover and acquire new clients, this change occurred alongside a sharp increase in marketing spend (+46%). In spite of its branding-focused strategy, PANDORA wanted to keep a strong ROI. To tackle this challenge Darwin Agency recommended the implementation of the Mazeberry Attribution Solution.

A shift in terms of digital marketing strategy often impacts ROI, especially when branding channels are used.

Thanks to Mazeberry Attribution’s fine-tuned methodology, Darwin Agency has drawn insights from the analyses it has access to, to predict the performance and optimize PANDORA’s digital marketing spend.

Take the right decisions

When downloading our case study, you are going to unveil how PANDORA has kept a strong ROI, especially thanks to the granularity and visibility over Customer Journeys brought by Darwin Agency.

Patrycja Mothon Pandora“At PANDORA, we wanted contribution/marketing attribution to be part of the management of our marketing strategy. Mazeberry helps us find the right inter-channel combinations to hunt for useful visits that contribute to actual conversions.
Patrycja Mothon – Pandora Head of Digital

A project that is part of our Business Partner Program

This case study is a testimony of the efficiency of the Business Partner Program launched by Mazeberry in April. Darwin Agency is Mazeberry’s first Premium Certified Partner. It guides numerous clients, among which PANDORA, regarding the optimisation of their marketing mix and the management of their online marketing spend.

Damien Ousaci Mazeberry“Thanks to Darwin Agency’s team that’s expert in acquisition and digital marketing strategies, Darwin has been able to make use of its experience to make the best of its clients’ marketing budget. As a Premium Certified Partner Darwin Agency benefits from a privileged relation with Mazeberry’s team, and they are fully part of Mazeberry’s upgrade process.
Damien Ousaci – Mazeberry Alliance Manager

The trust and synergies that have grown between Mazeberry and Darwin Agency have already proven to bring powerful results; the strategy that has been enforced is a success :)!Logos Pandora Mazeberry DarwinDownload our case study to discover the testimony of Patrycja Mothon, Pandora Head of Digital, and d’Alexandra Ivacheff, Darwin Agency Head of Marketing. Ten pages that unveil how PANDORA has increased its marketing spend and kept a strong ROI! 


How has PANDORA doubled its marketing spend and kept a stable ROI?
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