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Expertime Consulting: Mazeberry’s latest Certified Parner

Ever since the launch of the Business Partner program, Mazeberry has kept on growing. We are proud to welcome Expertime Consulting!

Mazeberry has recently further consolidated its partnership strategy. The latest to join in is Expertime Consulting.

Who is Expertime Consulting?

Expertime Consulting is a Consulting Firm specialized in eCommerce. Our Customer Performance Consultants tackle any issues related to conversions, e-marketing and CRM… They put their experience and engagement at the service of their clients.

How did you come to hear about Mazeberry?

We had been helping Daxon with the management and optimization of their traffic over several months. Lot’s of channels were being used, yet Daxon lacked a clear understanding of their customer journey. They were unable to know which channels performed the best and led to a greater number of conversion.

The plan was to quickly measure the contribution of every single channel to maximize the overall ROI of Daxon’s ecommerce division, as well as to acquire more new clients.

Thanks to Mazeberry Attribution we have been able to tackle this challenge!

How has Mazeberry helped Daxon to optimize its marketing mix?

Thanks to Mazeberry we have been able to activate data and use the right KPIs to take quick decisions. With the reports made available to us, we have proceeded with macro and micro-level analyses of the marketing channels used by Daxon.

We have also set up an action plan with concrete measures to increase the ROI and efficiency of Daxon’s marketing mix. We have also been focusing on lowering their marketing pressure and on channels that have been bringing in the highest turnover!

Why have you decided to become a certified partner?

Expertime Consulting is already accredited by many other leading software editors. Thus we thought necessary to develop our expertise of the Mazeberry Solution and of its proven analytical framework.

This new partnership proves fruitful thanks to our newly-acquired mastery of the Mazeberry Solution and of its decisional attribution and contribution KPIs. We also benefit from great support from the Mazeberry Team, and we are always informed about the latest developments and product launch!

Whether you are an agency or an independent consultant, our Business Partner Program welcomes you! Join our network and grow your business.

Expertime Consulting: Mazeberry’s latest Certified Parner
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