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E-commerce: 5 tips to tackle cart abandonment for good

90% was the average cart abandonment rate as measured by “Ve Interactive” in Q2 2016. Whether you are on the average, it’s highly likely that large shares of your visitors add items to their basket before leaving it all without any further warning. How to fix this issue? We introduce you to 5 measures to implement to efficiently deal with the worst nightmare of eCommerce Merchandising professionals!

Tackling cart abandonment will help you to increase your sales and your turnover. This issue is even more pressing as it deals with prospects or customers who have already shown interest in your products or services!

You first should understand why visitors abandon their basket, how to make them come back and how you should improve your check-out process in the long run.

Here are 5 tips that will help you with just that!

Measure 1: Use retargeting to get customers back


Sudden loss of connection, many interruptions and distractions… Plenty of daily life moments prevent your visitors from finalizing their purchase. This means that part of cart abandonment can simply be dealt with by reminding customers that they have saved products in their basket. There are several ways you can do it:

  • By sending automated reminder emails to customers if they happened to be already logged onto your website;
  • By using retargeting campaigns that show the offer or the product viewed within proespects’ Facebook feed or through retargeting ads.

Measure 2: Build trust at order confirmation stages

If a customer abandons his basket while he is at the stage of filling personal information in or about to proceed with his payment, it most certainly is because of a conversion funnel that is not fully optimized.

Make sure you display the elements below:

  • Secure payment icons;
  • Banner with guarantee of privacy with respect to the processing of personal data;
  • Clear guaranties (refund, best price, warranties…);
  • Reminder of your unique selling points (USP);
  • Delivery fees (even better when delivery is free of charge) as well as the estimated date of delivery. FYI: expensive delivery fees have proven to be the number 1 check to conversions. Some studies have shown that internet users spend on an average 30% more when these fees are removed.

The absence of this kind of elements worsens the anxiety of the prospect and must deal with to lower your basket abandonment rate. Use all means to reassure your future clients, and turn your website into a trustworthy environment. This is of the utmost importance if you are the new kid on the block or do not benefit from much brand awareness.

Make sure that no extra fees add up at the end of the purchase process. This element of surprise may totally cool off potential buyers. Always be transparent.

On a similar note if you do not display discount codes on your website, avoid as much as possible to automatically add a “Promo Code” section as part of your cart validation process – customers may feel they are not getting a fair price!

Measure 3: add a “Wishlist”

Lots of internet users use the “Add to Basket” function to create a Wishlist when they do not have any other choice. By adding items to their basket, they can retrieve items that they previously liked.


To prevent this from happening, add this functionality to your online store. This is a win-win situation as this will help increase the number of account creations, which is a practice that many fast-fashion retailers and private sales websites have long well understood.

Measure 4: Do not make it compulsory to create a customer account

Some buyers are no ready to become regular customers from the first time they visit your website. For this category of customers, the hassle of filling in plenty of personal information to create an account, choosing a password, and validating the creation of an account largely outweigh the benefits of purchasing a single item. Make a “Guest Customer” check-out option available, and minimize the number of steps necessary. This will immediately remove a barrier for some of your customers.

This will help you to attract customers whose time is tight or who need a bit of convincing to fully engage with your brand.

Measure 5: Identify abandoned products


If your cart abandonment rate does not go down despite all your efforts to improve the check-out process, your retargeting campaigns or the optimization of your user experience… then it is necessary to identify your worst-performing products to better position them on your web page!

This can also be the opportunity to deal with what makes your customers hesitant: product dimensions, options or deals available (a virtual personal assistant can be useful in this case), delivery options…

Maximize the information displayed, especially in your product sheets to lift any doubts, and fight against cart abandonment.

Best is to regularly schedule audits of your most abandoned items to prevent this from happening again.

What measures do you take to limit the cart abandonment rate on your e-commerce website? Share your tips with us!

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E-commerce: 5 tips to tackle cart abandonment for good
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