Damart’s marketing spend down by 35% in just a year!

While eager to end its use of the Last Click attribution model, Damart was on the lookout for an efficient tool to gain clarity over its entire customer journey, and thus to be able to better manage the marketing channels its customer go through – the goal being to optimize its marketing spend. Discover how Damart has cut its marketing spend by 35% in just a year thanks to the Mazeberry Marketing Attribution & Contribution Solution!

logo damartThanks to the Mazeberry Solution, Damart has been gaining greater knowledge about its customer journeys, while aiming for a greater profitability of its marketing campaigns, getting ever more loyal customers and acquiring new clients.

Download the testimony of Tony Fernandes, Damart Traffic Manager, who uncovers the many benefits and the results he has witnessed since he’s been using the Mazeberry Solution.

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Case study damart mazeberry

présentation mazeberry, solution UMIAMazeberry’s attribution and contribution KPIs have enabled Damart to improve its profitability. By mastering its conversion journeys, Damart has lowered both its marketing pressure by 2, and its marketing spend by 35%, while keeping its growth trajectory intact.

Damart’s online strategy has tremendously evolved over the course of a year! Thanks to the help of Mazeberry, Damart has gained greater visibility over its customer journey, which has enabled the optimization of its marketing mix, namely retargeting and SEA… To take even more measured decisions Damart frequently logs into Mazeberry. Benefit from the experience of Damart by downloading our case study.

We unveil how Damart has been optimizing its marketing-related actions through the better knowledge it has been acquiring about its marketing actions, thanks to the Mazeberry Solution. Download for free!

Damart’s marketing spend down by 35% in just a year!
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