Corsair’s case study: their data-driven journey…

As consumers’journeys are increasingly long and complex, last click analyses undervalue or even ignore channels that contribute to conversions. Yet, were you aware that more than 50% of advertisers still resort to last click analyses?

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Today, Mazeberry presents the different ways Corsair put an end to the last click through its attribution and marketing contribution scheme all along its data driven journey.

With the help of Eulerian Technologies, Bird Digital, and Mazeberry, Corsair was able to fully enforce its ambitious marketing strategy.
Since then, thanks to efficient and reliable customer journey analyses Corsair has been able to fully assess its data. This has allowed them to:

  • Understand their marketing-mix, as well as the contribution of each channel they use,
  • Challenge attribution models in order to match the reality of the market as closely as possible,
  • Rationalize and optimize their marketing investments, while keeping ROI in mind.

trends-data-driven-blog-mazeberryEulerian Technologies, Bird Digital, and Mazeberry worked together on the data collection and analysis process, and on operational decision making in order to provide Corsair with means of optimization. Thus, they have got short-term and mid-term operational benefits.

Discover in our ten-page long case study how Corsair has been able to gain clarity over its purchase journey, to save on ad campaign budgets, as well as able to invest on marketing channels that bring the most business.

Corsair’s case study: their data-driven journey…
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