Converteo a Mazeberry Attribution certified partner

Converteo: Mazeberry’s latest Certified Partner

It has almost been a year since the launch of our Business Partner program, and its success is undeniable! We are proud to welcome and introduce our new certified partner: Converteo.

Mazeberry’s Business Partner Program provides an expert environment that keeps on growing with the precious help of Damien Ousaci, Mazeberry Alliance Manager. The last partner to join us is Converteo.


Can you introduce Converteo?

Converteo is a consulting firm specialized in Digital and Data. Our team is made up of 80 consultants who help their clients evolve in the data-driven digital marketing era. We have been working on short-term but also long-term support missions.

Converteo assists its clients in the optimization of customer journeys, media performance, and product assortment, thanks to its expertise in Big Data and Data Science.

We are specialized in the data value chain, data collection, data activation, and in modeling. Our consulting firm has developed a strong knowledge of solutions aimed at improving the overall marketing performance: data management platforms, data lakes, analytics, A/B tests, online merchandising, attribution…

In brief, Converteo is the support system of large companies and Mittelstands on their data projects.


How did you come to hear about the Mazeberry Solution?

More and more advertisers look at attribution to optimize their ad spend. Converteo aims at having an in-depth knowledge of all the main solutions on the market among which Mazeberry. We are able to fully guide our clients regarding a comprehensive use of these tools on a daily basis.


Why have you joined the Certified Partner Program?

We wish to have an in-depth knowledge of market-leading solutions to support our clients; hence, our various certification, among which Mazeberry.


What are your plans for 2018?

Converteo is focused on 3 areas: media, data science & data engineering and the GDPR.


Whether you are an agency or a consultant, the Business Partner Program is for you! Join us and grow your business 🙂


Converteo: Mazeberry’s latest Certified Partner
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