Attribution: what’s next?

Attribution has long been on the market, yet no attribution model has so far been able to truly reflect the actual contribution of each marketing channel within advertisers’ marketing mix.

There is an obvious consensus around the limitations of the last click attribution model, due to its sole focus on channels that traditionally end the conversion journey (e.g. retargeting). While more advanced attribution models come and go with the seasons, there is a real need for unbiased KPIs that are not affected by attribution models.

Useful visits

Thus, we present you today with an indicator that will for sure help any eCommerce expert get past issues related to the bias inherent to any attribution model however close it is to reality. The Useful visits rate has a calculation method that goes straight to the point and enables the measurement of visits that have directly (last click) or indirectly (clicks that took place before the “last click”) taken part into a successful conversion journey.


Useful visits rate = Useful visits / All visits

Marketing contribution

This KPI allows for the true measurement of the contribution of each channel. Any marketing department should strive towards reporting unbiased KPIs. As a consequence, 80% of KPIs in the Mazeberry Solution are derived from our 5-year-expertise in marketing contribution. Reports built around these KPIs can be used as means towards drawing action plans and taking ironclad decisions.

The calculation and measurement of the performance of each marketing channel and their providers is key to achieving the best ROI possible. Unbiased KPIs cannot be argued with, as these are based on facts, therefore they can help cut in the mass of channel providers that are not doing their job in the way originally planned.

All in all, attribution models while still necessary need to be made complete with KPIs and reports that put forward the measurement of the contribution of marketing channels.

Attribution: what’s next?
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