Attribution vs deduplication

On Friday, March 21st, Mazeberry took part in the round table “attribution and deduplication on the same boat ?” within the context of Web Content Days in Lille.

Thibaut Lemay, Mazeberry CEO & Founder, spoke in front of an audience composed of e-merchants and Internet marketing experts to explain the challenges of attribution and deduplication. There is often confusion between these two different notions. Maxime Gailhbaud, traffic manager at Blancheporte, and Olivier Guillaume, responsible for web analytics at, also spoke about this topic.

The round table began with Blancheporte’s feedback. Maxime started his presentation by mentioning the confusion related to the various terms: post click, post view, first click, last click, time decay, and so on. The presentation then illustrated the problems related to cookies’ lifetime. Maxime made particular reference to the risks of deduplication for an e-commerce website. According to Maxime, it is important to have a good overview of customer purchasing processes and Internet marketing channels behavior before any sales deduplication project.

Then it was Olivier’s turn to speak to evoke the issues of deduplication for an online mass distribution brand like According to Olivier, it is important to assess the challenges of a deduplication project before setting it up. Olivier’s feedback was very interesting because he explained that attribution and deduplication weren’t priorities for his company due to several observations. As a matter of fact, a study of conversion paths was carried out in order to determine the percentage of “mixed turnover”. This indicator measures the share of revenues from different acquisition channels. This study showed that most sales of this site came from only one Internet marketing channel. Therefore, there are few issues related to attribution and deduplication for this advertiser. Olivier suggests to advertisers to carry out this kind of audit prior to any attribution or deduplication project.

But what really is attribution? Is it the same as deduplication? Do these two notions have to be put in the same boat?

Thibaut was the third person to speak about the topic. Thibaut brought his expertise on the subject in order to give clear definition and perimeter to each method: attribution and deduplication. According to Mazeberry, attribution is an analysis method which allows to distribute the weight of a conversion between several channels. Attribution applies to all online acquisition channels (Sponsored links, SEO, display, shopbots, retargeting, affiliation, and so on). Deduplication must not be put in the same boat. It consists of conditioning the remuneration of business providers. Deduplication only applies to performance acquisition channels (Affiliation). Thibaut specifies that the non-remuneration of some partners may lead to problems and misunderstandings. Indeed, how can we explain to a web user that his cash back wasn’t validated because another affiliate was credited for the sale? Thibaut summarizes this differentiation between attribution and deduplication with the table below.

In conclusion, we can’t put attribution and deduplication on the same boat!

Mazeberry will soon publish a new white paper dedicated to this problem, in collaboration with Business & Decision.

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Attribution vs deduplication
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