E-commerce : 9 essentials when optimizing your Product Data Sheet

How to attract and convert a maximum of visitors to your eCommerce platform? One of the most crucial thing to do is to optimize your product data sheets. The following 9 tips will enable you to act upon different levels: improved SEO of product pages, increase in conversion rates, increase of your average basket value thanks to cross-selling…

1) Decrease page load time

Today’s internet users are demanding and have little patience: they want to access the content of your website fast. In fact, 39% of visitors leave a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So speeding up your load speed is a must – it is a fundamental pre-requisite for your business and your turnover.

2) Make sure product data sheets show on mobile

Is looking for a product on your website from a smartphone or a tablet a breeze? If not, you are negatively impacting the experience of 9 out of 10 consumers who do not use computers to make purchases. Make sure your website is responsive every step of the way.

3) Use large (and appealing) images

Choosing the right image to feature is key! It can make or break a product, whatever the industry your work in…

Focus on engaging and accurate pictures that catch the attention of your visitors, but also reassure them. Large high-def images lead to increased conversion rates and are also a quality guarantee and a proof of professionalism.

Your prospects should be able to click on a gallery to enlarge the images displayed, change views, and zoom-in as they wish. As customers cannot touch products, feel the fabrics, or check finishes, it is essential to lift any doubts they may have. A short clip or a real life example is a powerful and engaging way to showcase your products. For instance, you can offer a 360 view of your products, as shown below:


Make sure to name each of the images on your eCommerce platform and to add relevant descriptions to improve the SEO of your product pages.

4) Create unique and engaging product descriptions

While visuals are important, descriptions are too. These can increase by 30% your conversion rate. Keep in mind that product descriptions must be written for human beings… namely your customers!

Work on the copywriting of your product data sheets. For instance, avoid using default descriptions provided by manufacturers.

Remember that customers are informed, and sometimes demanding. If the description is not clear or accurate, the consumer will find it difficult to trust and therefore to confirm his purchase. And please, do avoid spellings or typos!

For complex items, consider adding user instructions or thorough product data sheets.

It is best to offer a concise and a detailed version of your product descriptions. This will positively impact your SEO without harming the style of your pages. A tab system provides more information without overloading your interface with descriptions, customer reviews, return conditions, etc.

Finally, make sure to highlight your call-to-action (CTA) to boost conversions. The word to keep in mind is Visibility. The color of your CTA must clearly contrast with the other elements on the page. Put it in a noticeable spot and leave some space around..

The website below is a great example of spot-on descriptions and highly personalized CTA. And no one can miss their CTA:


5) Publish customer reviews

This should not be anything new to you, but the importance of customer reviews should be emphasized. Advice related to the products that soon-to-be customers are about to order can actually entice them to click and purchase. Customer reviews help develop trust, reassure and comfort future clients in their decision process.

These create social proof: the more an item is a hot commodity, the more people tend to get convinced by others’ opinions.

Customer reviews provide clarification about information missing in your descriptions. For example, it is common for customers to comment on fit and sizes, which proves helpful when taking customers need to put items in their basket.


6) Test social media share buttons

Is it required to add social media share buttons on your product data sheets? The answer is far from definitive. These buttons can prove distracting, even though their impact can be beneficial.

Some case studies show that social networks bring qualified e-commerce traffic, while others tend to underline the limited number of conversions brought by this source of traffic, at the exception of Pinterest.

Our advice is to test these and to check how relevant these are to your eCommerce platform. Note that you can also opt to add a simple Pinterest share button to your pictures.

7) Build a strong feeling of trust and safety

Product pages should lessen the friction that visitors may feel while shopping. To guarantee a smooth and reassuring experience, you may add a customer reassurance block to your product pages:

  • Secured payment labels
  • Delivery times and a “Free shipping” label if you offer it
  • Free Returns & Exchanges
  • Guarantees;
  • Customer reviews or awards won, etc.

Some brands place most of these elements in the same space:


8) Use data to improve your ranking in SERP

Optimize your product data sheets to improve your SEO, so that your products get better ranking in search engine results pages. You should also work on the appearance of pages that show up to ensure that visitors want to click.

To do this, take the time to gather structured data from your eCommerce website.

9) Promote cross-selling with bundles and suggestions

Attracting new customers takes time and money. It is therefore important to maximize your existing traffic by increasing your average basket value! To achieve this, up-selling and cross-selling are excellent means.

At product data sheets level, you can work on the following points:

  • Add customer reviews right below your products, just like Amazon has been doing for years;
  • Suggest additional relevant items (for example, an ink cartridge when purchasing a printer);


  • Create bundles;
  • Highlight promotions (e.g: “Buy one get one free”…);
  • In the case of an e-shop dedicated to fashion or makeup, suggest complete looks that customers can have a look at.

Doing so at basket level increases the likelihood of generating additional sales when baskets get confirmed.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to urge visitors to purchase items by simply indicating the number of items left in stock or the limited lifespan of certain offers.

Do you know other tips to improve the effectiveness of product data sheets? Leave them in the comments below!

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E-commerce : 9 essentials when optimizing your Product Data Sheet
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