5 video display visibility factors

Web advertising is taking new forms. We can count among them video display, which is gaining market share, especially thanks to mobile media. However, measuring the visibility of these videos is not always well understood. How do you know when a video ad can be considered viewed? Google has produced a report (summarized here as a computer graphic) that answers the question. We highlight here the most important points of this report, such as the display medium or even the position on the screen.

The report takes into account MRC (Media Rate Council) and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) measures. That is to say, the image is considered visible when 50% of the pixels are displayed on the screen for a minimum of 2 consecutive seconds.

Average visibility of videos

According to the written report, the average visibility rate of videos on the web (excluding YouTube videos) reaches 54%, while the visibility of YouTube videos (all media combined) is 91%. The first visibility factor would thus depend on the platform on which the video is viewed.

Broadcast media

The report also highlights an interesting point, which is the 2nd visibility factor: the medium. Indeed, the video will not have the same visibility rate if it is broadcast on PC or tablet/mobile. Without including YouTube videos, we note that only 53% of advertising videos are viewed on PC, compared with 83% on mobile and 81% on tablet.

Positioning is crucial for visibility

The infographic also explains that positioning is crucial for the visibility of the video. The “upper centre” section of the page is the most visible. Also, the 300 × 250 format, the favourite format of advertisers, is less recommended by Google. The US firm recommends investing in a “broader” display format to reach more Internet users, 849 × 477 or 640 x 390.

The multi tab: the enemy of visibility

But visibility also depends on the display on the screen. Indeed, who has never switched tabs during the broadcasting of an advertisement? And this is a major visibility factor. According to Google, almost 76% of video ads not viewed are not displayed on the screen. This is due to an operation in the background, on another tab/window. Which is more the case with computers.



5 video display visibility factors
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