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5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Online Store

2018: a fresh start, new resolutions! The start of the year is the perfect time to review your e-commerce strategy and set new goals: personalization, predictive marketing, omnichannel… Here are 5 resolutions to start fresh and get a successful year ahead!

Fight against shopping cart abandonment

The latest figures show a 90% shopping cart abandonment rate in the retail industry! How to tackle this issue? There are many ways to guide and support visitors through their buying process. The first thing to do is to reassure visitors. Online shoppers should be maintained in a positive state of mind at each stage of the purchase journey.

You should provide shoppers with as much information as possible regarding the products and services you are selling (check more tips about product pages here). Showing security certification labels and customer reviews strengthens the trust visitors grant you with. It is essential to clearly state your shipping policy (fees, choices available and delivery time) which according to the latest figures is the main cause leading to shopping cart abandonment.* So remember to provide various shipping options to meet the demands of your clients who wish to be delivered their orders fast (Premium delivery) and to have many delivery pick-up locations available (click-and-collect, lockers…).

Last but not least, don’t forget to send abandoned cart emails!

Note that abandoned carts do not always put an end to conversion journeys. Some customers return to your website later on through various marketing channels (retargeting, e-mails, direct access). It is key to use an Attribution Solution that will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your Customer Journey.

*59% of internet users abandon their order due to limited delivery and shipping options.


Bet on UX

Online purchase behaviors have tremendously changed over the years. Nowadays’ online shoppers need to be carefully taken care of, as they are demanding, unreliable, pro-active, and always on the hunt for more information. You should put them at the heart of your eCommerce strategy! This customer-centric approach requires an optimal user experience through the use of personalization and advanced services.

Beyond a fluid and user-friendly browsing experience, it is crucial to provide a tailored experience. The more privileged customers feel the more their satisfaction will go up! Customization can be enforced at various levels, such as page lists… Are you aware that 75% of internet users leave a website if they do not find what they are looking for within 2 minutes.* This all happens within a very short timespan! Making use of customized ranking is a great way to save visitors’ time by showing spot-on results in relation to their tastes and expectations.

Providing varied services on your website provides a more wholesome customer experience. We witnessed the rise of chatbots in 2017. These virtual assistants provide broader support than Q&As at any time.

Try to pep up your website all year long, especially during promotional seasons, Black Friday, Valentine’s day… This will enable you to acquire new clients and to bring old ones back. Knowing that 50% of visitors only finalize their purchase when they benefit from discounts or special offers,* it is wise to build your commercial strategy around flash sales, contests, free delivery… A wide array of options is available to you.


Omnichannel, Omnichannel, Omnichannel!

Technological advances have led to a multiplication of touchpoints between brands and consumers. New kinds of ad formats and technologies are constantly appearing, further complexifying customer journeys. Consumers make no difference between online and offline. They look for information online, compare on various websites, yet choose in-store delivery…

Marketing strategies should be entirely overhauled to offer a cohesive omnichannel experience. Create as many links between physical POS and online ones to capitalize on the strength of these two.

This translates into:

  • The digitalization of point-of-sales (tablets, online payments…);
  • The creation of dedicated in-store experiences;
  • Stronger support from salespersons;
  • The unification of all data streams to analyze Customer Journeys in their entirety.

New Sephora Experience
Sephora has recently tested a new concept of connected stores: iPads, connected mirrors, apps…


Develop cross-sell

Cross-selling benefits your online store in many ways: increase in average basket value, visibility gains, higher margin… Thanks to recent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the growth of predictive marketing, recommendation features are increasingly relevant when recommending products.

Thanks to demographics and behavioral data cross-sell features suggest products that are both complementary and personalized. Results are displayed depending on customers’ past information, geographical areas, average spending, or even their favorite brands.

All this is enough to fully meet customers’ expectations by providing unique purchase experiences!

The Mazeberry Merchandising Solution enables the activation of cross-sell bots at each step of purchase journeys (product pages, checkout page…).

Cross-sell online merchandisingExample of successful cross-sell


Stay ROI-focused

Strategies complexify with the emergence of new advertising technologies. Analyzing the profitability and contribution of such advanced marketing channels is a necessity!

The ability to measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns is a key factor leading to the improvement of your ROI and to a better understanding of customers.

With Mazeberry Attribution, you get access to decisional information about customer journeys and can focus on channels that benefit our business the most ;)! Blancheporte has been done so since last year, it has for instance been able to assess the impact of Antvoice on its marketing mix -the pre-retargeting solution has been identified as the best acquisition channel, as it initiates 38% of conversions.


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5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Online Store
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