10 new clients put their trust in Mazeberry Merchandising

Mazeberry Merchandising keeps on growing and is proud to announce that 10 more new clients have just joined the ranks of its already impressive portfolio of clients, this strengthens its leading position in the eCommerce merchandising field.

A must-have app for ecommerce merchandising professionals

In a world where competition is ramping up, it is necessary for eCommerce players to launch websites nice to the eye and built around optimized product sheets. Mazeberry Merchandising uses algorithms that spot any issues and opportunities around the products sold by advertisers.

The end result is a tool anyone can use and that brings tremendous time and productivity gains, it provides a guarantee that you invest on the right product and that you draft the best-suited eCommerce merchandising strategy. The solution has become a must on a day-to-day basis, as it gives users a clear layout of the actions to take to optimize their commercial performance.

10 new references put their trust in Mazeberry Merchandising

With already many customers in the retail world, among which 20 in the list of France Top 100 eCommerce Websites, Mazeberry Merchandising widens its expertise by adding 10 new references:

thibaut-lemay-fondateur“We are proud to welcome these prestigious brands among our pool of clients. The trust they put in us highlights the quality of our solutions and their proven performance. After having led Mazeberry to be the multi-touch marketing attribution leader in its home market, our goal is to make Mazeberry Merchandising the reference in the eCommerce merchandising world.” said Thibaut Lemay, Mazeberry CEO & Founder.


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10 new clients put their trust in Mazeberry Merchandising
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