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About us

Mazeberry helps web advertisers to have a better control over their marketing investments. The company offers a decision support tool that provides accurate web acquisition channels analyses (Search, Display, etc…). The Mazeberry Solution handles the data provided by the Web advertisers using a statistical algorithm, returning them through a refined dashboard.

Mazeberry’s History

Mazeberry was founded by Thibaut Lemay. He has been a Digital Analytics expert since 2009. Thibaut worked with leading French agencies, and also began his career in the United States. He developed a strategic vision of e-commerce websites performance management. He graduated with a Master’s in IT, as well as a specialized Master’s in Internet Marketing; thereafter, he attented the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Executive Program at Stanford University, California, which he successfully graduated from in 2013.

Founded in 2011, Mazeberry supports many European advertisers. Mazeberry won many awards, among which we can mention the Entrepreneurship Network (Réseau Entreprendre), the LMI Innovation (Lille Métropole Innovation), the Total EDHEC Entrepreneurship contest (concours Total EDHEC Entreprendre), and the E-Commerce Lab contest (concours Lab E-Commerce). Mazeberry was also named among the 10 Start-ups to discover in 2014 and the 5 Start-ups with which you will be one step ahead, etc.

Our board

Bertrand Fredenucci is the BTwinz Ventures‘ President and co-founder, and a Network Finances Investment committee member.
After Polytechnique School and a time at Bain & Company, Bertrand co-founded more than 10 companies in the Internet market, agencies like Baobaz, Armstrong, Ypok or Stockho, but also e-commerce websites like Fruitrouge.com. He consolidated his activities with 9 acquisitions, and managed 3 cessions before passing the torch to new Management teams. At BTwinz Ventures, Bertrand industrializes Internet project launching processes.


Network Finances is an investment fund, which finances start-ups projects within the Internet, mobility and digital media sectors in general.
Network Finances SAS was founded in early 2008 by some 30 Internet European entrepreneurs. Their professional networks include several hundred innovative projects each year. These skills in high tech have made Network Finances one of the most successful investment funds, the most efficient one since 2008!
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