Take control of your investments

Enforce a data-driven strategy to manage your marketing mix and product mix

Experience Mazeberry!

Need to easily manage your marketing mix? Want to control your product mix? Mazeberry helps you understand your data thanks to a view to combines analysis, Artificial intelligence and a proven methodology. Experience Mazeberry and take measured decisions. Remain adaptive when managing your marketing mix and your product mix.

Maximise your ad spend

  • -> Visualize all touch points with your clients

  • -> Analyze the performance or your marketing channels

  • -> Optimize your ad spend

  • -> Draft efficient action plans

Optimize your product strategy

  • -> Analyze your product mix in just a few clicks

  • -> Identify your top & flop products as often as you wish

  • -> Spot errors in product data sheets

  • -> Deal with page lists in real time

Boost your conversions

  • ->Break down silos between marketing mix and product mix

  • -> Link your acquisition strategy to your merchandising goals (margin, inventory...)

  • -> Increase your life time value with effective actions

  • ->Customize your ads to your audienc

We answer all your needs!

We always look though the prism of smart data when dealing with the issues our clients face.

A few figures about Mazeberry

Billions of paths analysed per year

Why choose Mazeberry?

Take control of your marketing mix and product mix with Mazeberry, by simply using your already existing data.

Productivity gains

Cut your marketing spend

Increase your conversions

More reactive and adaptative strategies

Better inventory management

360 view of your customer journey

We meet all your needs!

We deal with our clients'requests through a smart data approach.

They trust us!

Adapt your acquisition strategy thanks to better customer knowledge to boost your sales performance, just like Damart has been doing!

Use your customer data and quickly identify your best-performing channels to increase conversions, just like Blancheporte has been doing!

Master all your product data and gain in visibility about the performance and profitability of your product mix, just like Motoblouz has been doing!

Generate qualified traffic and improve your visibility over your customer journey, just like our client La Maison du Whisky has been doing!

We meet all your needs!

We deal with our clients'requests through a smart data approach.

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