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Why Launch an Attribution & Contribution project?

White Paper: Why Launch an Attribution & Contribution project? 5 arguments to convince my boss!

Discover 5 arguments to debunk your boss’ objections regarding the implementation of an Attribution & Contribution project.

Fashion Retailer cut its Acquisition Costs by 30%

Case Study: How a Fashion Retailer cut its Acquisition Costs by 30%!

Discover how Mazeberry has helped Jennyfer understand the role of each of its marketing channel, which has enabled a 30% cut in Acquisition Costs.


Case study: LMDW’s qualified traffic up by 33%!

Discover how LMDW has improved the ROI of its online marketing investments without impacting its growth thanks to Mazeberry’s attribution and contribution KPIs.

Humanis multiplied by 2 the converstion rate

Case Study: How Humanis has multiplied by 2 the conversion rate of a prospect into a customer!

Discover here how the Mazeberry Solution has enabled Humanis to identify breakdown points within the conversions journey.


7 best practices for data-driven companies

Discover the best practices of data-driven companies in this white paper. Data analysis is this year’s hot topic and is a trend to keep an eye on!


Increase conversion rates by adopting a data-driven strategy

Building on the insight and knowledge accumulated by Mazeberry and AB Tasty, we are proud to share with you best practices, from acquisition to on-site experience!
Discover them!


Case Study: Corsair went past the last click model

Discover how the Mazeberry solution helped Corsair go further in their analysis by providing attribution and contribution indicators.

Find out how!


White Paper: Corsair optimizes its conversion journeys

All along its data-driven journey Corsair has been improving its conversion journeys thanks to the Mazeberry Solution.

Discover how!


Case Study: has reduced its CAC by 15%

Allobebe has saved 15% of its Web-marketing budget in a few months using the Mazeberry Solution.

Find out how!

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