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Thanks to Mazeberry, measuring your ROI has never been so simple !

Who should use Mazeberry?

Do you lead an online business and invest in Internet marketing channels (SEO, sponsored links, shopbots, e-mailing, social networks…) ? We allow you to discover how they really perform by analyzing multi-channel funnels. To do so, we provide you with our Mazeberry technology. Our attribution management technology will allow you to analyze the complete journey of your customers before they make a purchase on your site. Mazeberry is intended for:

  • Online marketing agencies
  • E-commerce pure player
  • E-commerce distance sellers
  • E-commerce to store
  • Web Analytics consultants

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La solution Mazeberry


Generate your e-commerce dashboards in a few clicks thanks to a high-performance technology developed by Mazeberry.

Our approach

Web Analytics

We are experts in attribution analytics. Our method allows the analysis of the full user scenario before a purchase.

The PASID method

Plug and Play

The Mazeberry solution is user-friendly and doesn’t need setup on your website. No code, no JavaScript. It connects via API to your standard web analytics solution.


Why choose Mazeberry?

Mazeberry is the best decision-making tool for e-commerce professionals. Our attribution management solution allows you to analyze the buying processes of web users through different marketing channels. Thanks to Mazeberry, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your advertising campaigns, monitor your results and lower your acquisition costs.

  • Optimize your ROI
  • Save valuable time
  • Make your life easier

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They trust us.

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Like, reduce your customer acquisition costs by 30%.

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